What Visa Ready Means and Why It Matters

Visa Ready

Being Visa Ready for Visa Business Solutions means we have the applications, tools, services, and product specifications required to meet the highest level of payment standards set by one of the premier authorities in the credit card payments space. We’ve been schooled in best practices directly by Visa and we can offer the same resources and licenses you’d get from any other Visa payment.

As a Visa Ready business, we’re saying to the marketplace, “Hey, we’ve passed the integration and validation test – at the highest level!” Our innovative B2B payment solutions meet Visa’s specifications and security standards and we’re approved to provide payment solutions that include Visa virtual card integration, enhanced data, and serious payment controls that enable us to deliver best-in-class payables automation.

In addition to being Visa Ready certified and integrated into Visa Payables Automation (VPA), CSI is also a processor of Visa virtual cards. That means banks and issuers can integrate with CSI’s robust API suite and provision virtual cards via CSI Paysystems to deliver the ultimate electronic payment experience to their customers.

As a processor integrated with VPA, we have done all the background work. Bank issuers can assign their own, unique BIN (bank identification number) or utilize one of our BIN’s to issue virtual cards to their customers.

Our Visa Ready for Business Solutions and processor certifications are just one more reason we’re leading the industry in B2B payment solutions.