Accounts Payable Automation

Transform your Accounts Payable (AP) department into an automated powerhouse. Smart, secure and streamlined payments convert your AP department from a cost center to a revenue generator.

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Make payments the way you and your suppliers want them: easy. Manual processes slow down revenue growth. Payment automation allows your team to simplify reconciliations, accelerate the payments flow and earn rebates on qualifying payments.

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Payment Types

Each supplier has unique payment requirements. CSI’s platform can deliver on all of them. Virtual card. ACH. B2B Payments Network. Foreign exchange (FX). Check. If it’s a payment method, we handle it.

Virtual Cards

Secure, single use, electronic credit cards.


Virtual cards are not accepted? Use Automated Clearing House transfers to make fast and secure payments.

B2B Payments Network

We took ACH and made it better. See invoice-level details for each transaction through our payments platform.

Ghost Cards

A virtual card type used for recurring transactions to the same supplier or multiple transactions across various suppliers.

Foreign Exchange

Payments in 18 countries and 140 currencies.


Your suppliers require check payments? Not a problem. Corporate Spending Innovations will seamlessly process those payments for you.

How it Works

Simple, secure and streamlined business payments.



Simple integration with any ERP. We make iteasy to get your payments data into our platform. Upload a single native file from your ERP into our payments platform or directly integrate using our APIs or FTP services for automated data transfers. See our integration partners.


Supplier Enrollment & Enablement

Ready to get your suppliers onboarded? We’ll launch a supplier enrollment campaign on your behalf to ensure easy disbursement of virtual card, ACH, check, network, or foreign exchange (FX) payments. We work with you and your suppliers to optimize your payments relationship.



Built for your unique processes. Set your internal controls, manage workflows, establish approval parameters, define reconciliation options, and gain full visibility into all of your payments.


Income Opportunity

Schedule your first “payment run” and start sending payments. See your Accounts Payable shift from a cost center to a revenue generator as you earn rebates on all virtual card and proprietary network payments.

Hear what customers are saying...

Norma De La Cruz, Director of Finance, Eleven, Inc.

Mick Nissem, Controller, Sharon Heights Golf & Country Club

Margaret Beatty, Controller, PGR Media

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The time saved by eliminating manual processing is exponential, giving the staff a huge morale boost along with the ability to direct their energy to more high-level tasks.

Norma De La Cruz

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No cost and the ability to earn cash rebates on payments? It sounded too good to be true. But it’s so easy, completely seamless and CSI did all the work. It’s a no-brainer.

Mick Nissem

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We’re able to pay our suppliers faster, reconcile accounts quicker and close out the month easier.

Margaret Beatty

CSI Paysystems - Modernize your Payments

Our next generation payments platform. Create corporate payments that suit your specific business needs while tapping into your AP department’s full potential.

touchless accounts payable

Accounts Payable Automation

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