Virtual Credit
Card Payments

The safest way to pay, period.

You may not be able to hold a virtual credit card in your hand, but what virtual card payments lack in tangible plastic is completely overshadowed by fast invoice settlement, rock-solid security, and perfectly aligned reconciliations.

How It Works

The most important thing to understand about how virtual card payments work is that they follow the same process as your current check runs. You can perform a payment run exactly as you do now.

1. Invoice

You receive an invoice from a vendor who loves receiving fast payments via virtual card.

2. Single-file Upload

Your accounts payable (AP) team performs a check run in your ERP or AP system which is sent via API or SFTP in a single-file upload to the CSI Paysystems platform.

3. Virtual Card

CSI creates a single-use virtual card number approved for the exact amount of the invoice(s) and it is associated with your ERP or AP system’s check reference number.

4. Payment Approval

Within 15 minutes of payment approval, the virtual card number is securely sent to the vendor with remittance detail that makes it easy for their accounts receivable team to process. They rejoice at the speed and ease of the payments process.

5. Secure

Once payment is received and accepted, the virtual card number becomes invalid and can never be used again.

6. Reconciliation

Your AP team also benefits from automated detailed reporting that takes reconciliation time from days to hours. You sit back and enjoy real-time visibility into your virtual card payments.

You can also create virtual cards on-the-fly, set spending limits, change approved vendors and amounts, or block cards in real-time.

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AP isn’t the only place to use virtual credit cards. You can take all the power of CSI Paysystems and apply it to your company’s travel experience with CSI Travel.

Changing Perspectives On Payments

We love to make AP teams and your vendors smile. And that’s exactly what happens when you employ virtual credit cards for B2B payments through CSI Paysystems.


One card number associated with each invoice creates effortless expense reporting and eliminates duplicate payments.


Real-time controls surrounding how much, when, and where the card number can be used puts a stop to unapproved employee spending.


Virtual cards can only be used for approved vendors and amounts, and the number becomes void once that payment has been made, making them essentially fraud-proof to outside hackers.


Integrating virtual card capabilities lets you save money by eliminating manual processes plus you’ll instantly start earning unlimited monthly rebate revenues on your virtual card spend.

Now doesn’t that sound nice?

Concerned that your vendors won’t accept virtual card payments?

Don’t worry. We have solid vendor relationships and a stellar reputation in the industry for educating and enrolling vendors beginning with an extensive vendor matching process. We’ll discuss with you the best way to reach out to your suppliers to ensure a successful enrollment campaign.

Most vendors agree that receiving quick and automated payments and increasing their available cash flow is a win-win. If you still have vendors that don’t want to accept virtual cards, we offer a total AP solution that can manage all preferred payment types including ACH, private network, corporate purchasing cards, and even checks.

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