Electronic payments

Streamline your Accounts Receivable and accept vendor-friendly electronic payments. We deliver process efficiency, improved cash management, and enhanced security.


Improve daily working capital by increasing cash flow, while eliminating inefficiencies of paper-based payments.

Accepting electronic forms of payment including Virtual Card and CSI’s Private Network provides your organization with flexible payment options that add value to your business.

Payment Options

Virtual Cards

Whether your business already accepts card payments or wants to start accepting card payments, we provide the most secure form of payment, virtual cards.

Virtual cards are highly secure, single-use cards that reduce costs by minimizing manual processes and fraud associated with other forms of payments such as checks. Experience faster reconciliations and real-time controls for compliance.

B2B Payments Network

Securely transfer funds directly into your bank account, eliminate manual data entry, and easily reconcile using our automated data feeds or APIs that include invoice-level details.

Additionally, you’ll have access to our vendor-friendly portal for on-demand payment data and history. 

Payment Delivery Methods

Streamline your payments process to accept payments via:

Secure email remittance

Supplier portal

Straight-Through Processing (STP)


Cash Efficiency

  • Reduce Days Outstanding (DSO), payments generally received within 1 to 2 days
  • Significantly decrease non-sufficient funds occurrences with guaranteed funds
  • Improve cash flow and the order to cash cycle time
  • Enhance accuracy, reducing posting errors

Process Efficiency

  • Streamline AP back-office processes with data that is easily integrated into your ERP and accounting systems
  • Optimize cost reduction eliminating manual processes
  • Simplify reconciliation and accounting with detailed payments data

Enhanced Security

  • Enhance security and efficiency with the electronic tokenization of payment details which delivers payment information securely, more efficiently, and is in a manner much less prone to posting errors
  • Create a barrier against fraud because your bank information is not transmitted during the transaction
  • Generate card numbers randomly for a specified amount and the card expires once the payment is processed

Payments we received from CSI Paysystems were the easiest and most secure. We liked it so much that we started using it ourselves for our own payables too. Not only is it more efficient, our auditors say it's more secure without paper checks floating around. It's a no brainer. I only wish I had done it sooner.

Jeffrey Smith, CFO of Fortessa Dinnerware Solutions

How it Works


Customer approves supplier’s invoices in CSI Paysystems.


Payment is disbursed via secure email validation, supplier portal, or STP.


Payment is processed through supplier’s merchant processor.


Funds are settled in days versus weeks.


Payment remittance details are exported directly into your ERP for automated reconciliation.

If your business is ready for digital payments, call 866-998-0437 to learn how easy it is to get started.


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