Corporate Travel Payment Solutions

Secure business travel payments. Effortless expensing and reconciliations. Fully accountable travelers. We’re a first-class solution for travel managers.

corporate travel payment solutions

Smart Travel Managers choose Corporate Spending Innovations

We apply smart solutions to address common business travel payment concerns. Stop updating authorization forms, refaxing confirmations, and chasing after rogue spenders.

Corporate Travel Managers


We have three corporate travel payment options. Separately: unique. Together: complete.

Virtual Cards

Each corporate travel reservation for air, hotel, and car is booked and paid for in the exact amount of the reservation. The unique number of the virtual card becomes invalid after each transaction. It’s a highly secure payment option that’s easy to reconcile.

Purchasing Cards

For business travel and entertainment expenses that require plastic, we also have purchasing cards with complete and real-time spending controls that let you restrict or block usage through our platform interface. One card number per employee means reconciliations stay simple.

Ghost Cards

Securely pay suppliers for multiple or recurring transactions. Do you have recurring payments and want to set spend limits or track expenses? Ghost cards are the ideal solution for you.

How Business Travel Payments Work

You love your Travel Management Company (TMC)

That’s great! Use your current TMC and we’ll integrate our virtual card corporate travel solution within the booking process.

You don't have a Travel Management Company

You’re covered.

We have a network of TMCs that we can refer you to.

You don't want a Travel Management Company

Understood. You can use CSI’s tools to create virtual cards and pay for air, hotel, and cars directly.

What to Expect


Control & Compliance

CSI’s virtual and purchasing cards for corporate travel payments allow you to stay on top of all spending parameters for each traveler, including amounts, number of transactions, and expiration dates. Each limit can be modified in real-time to accommodate last minute changes or purchasing requests.


Robust Reporting

Reporting is available 24/7/365 days a year and is fully comprised of specific booking details related to reservations, employees and events. You can quickly generate comprehensive reports with our extensive data points.


Phenomenal Support

You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager backed by a professional team of business travel payments experts.
Of course, your Account Manager will always be available to answer your questions, but they are also proactive, providing reservation support before your travelers even arrive at the front desk to check-in.


Mobile App

Business travelers can easily access payment information through CSI Go, CSI’s proprietary mobile application. CSI Go gives travelers access to navigation tools and the ability to book an Uber and check the weather in their location. Travelers can resend their hotel authorization form at check-in, as well as create and request virtual cards if permitted.

Travel Booking Tool

In partnership with AmTrav, book and pay for business travel, including air, rail, hotel, and cars, by leveraging virtual card corporate travel payment solutions. Once the trip is booked, give travelers full access to trip details and resources, hotel authorization forms, and on-the-fly business travel payments through the CSI Go mobile app.

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Case Studies & Testimonials

Bryan Leibman, CEO, FROSCH

Donna Burkowski, Direct Travel

Jacci Lentz, Corporate Travel Manager, Uline

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Corporate Spending Innovation’s culture, commitment and knowledge gives us confidence that they will find the right payment solutions for our customers.

Bryan Leibman

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In addition to the ease and security of the virtual card program, we don’t have to pay people to stand at the fax machine all day.

Donna Burkowski

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We are looking forward to getting our 4,000+ employees on the CSI's program. The efficiencies will prevent us from having to hire another full time employee.

Jacci Lentz

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