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B2B Payments Reimagined. Partnering with CSI gives banks a competitive edge with a suite of innovative solutions for their corporate clients. Together we help transform their product offerings and services to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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Trusted by regional, national & global financial institutions

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Payments Automation

CSI has been collaborating with financial institutions for years to implement innovative technologies, products and services that deliver efficient B2B payments automation, corporate travel payment and API driven virtual card issuing solutions to their customers.

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Financial Institutions

How it Works for Your Clients

API integrations

Ingest payment file in any format

Real-time intelligent payment processes and routing

Payment delivery, proxy payments, and supplier services

Proprietary supplier database with comprehensive one-to-one payment information

Robotic process automation to minimize manual, repetitive tasks

Straight through processing for an automated no-touch AR experience for your suppliers

Dynamic payment decisioning based on predetermined supplier terms



Dual Issuance

Capabilities to support card issuance and processing on both Mastercard and VISA networks.


Payment Flexibility

Smarter routing to pay suppliers in the payment form they prefer, virtual card, ACH, Proprietary Network (ACH+), Check, Wire, FX and real-time payments.



B2B payment solutions suitable for small, mid, and large market businesses. Users can work remotely from anywhere, worldwide.



Secure payments via electronic/digitized virtual card transactions and PCI-DSS, SOC 2, type I & II and HIPAA compliant.



Product delivery, supplier enablement and ongoing account optimization.

Why Partner with Corporate Spending Innovations?

Since 1989, Corporate Spending Innovations has provided payment solutions directly to more than 3,500 clients. We’ve helped these companies automate, optimize, and streamline their payables processes.

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CSI has been a great partner. They understand the various card programs and how to make their payables program work for the benefit of our bank and our customers.


Expertise and results: Digital payments are all we do, and we do it well.


Automating and optimizing payments will take your customers’ AP from transactional to strategic.


Your customers can reduce workflow approval time from an average of 28 days to 3 days.

Cost Reduction

Companies can reduce their AP and payment processing costs up to 60% with automation, eliminating all of the manual tasks associated with paper invoices and checks in the process.


Adjust payment mix in favor of more efficient and lower cost payment methods.


Dedicated AP-certified teams focused on buyer and supplier support.

Ease of Use

Easy supplier onboarding and maintenance with a central hub for all accounts payable activities.

Bank of the West

“CSI’s flexible and advanced payment technology is what makes their solution superior within the Fintech space. CSI understands the needs and demands of the market and is able to remain nimble and flexible in a fast-moving industry.”

Dominique Fracchia, Head of Commercial Card at Bank of the West

BOTW Dominique Fracchia

Financial Institutions

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