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Using automation to manage billions in annual payments.

utilities management automated payments solutions

Process Automation

In high spend-volume industries like utilities and telecom, you need reliable and automated AP solutions to streamline your suppliers’ payments to save time and money.

utilities management payment automation

We will help you manage payments, tailoring the process to your unique requirements while delivering increased profits, monthly.


How do you handle millions of bills coming in each month from tens of thousands of customers, each of which need to be reviewed, validated and paid? Printing and mailing checks is not productive or scalable. It requires significant automation.

CSI is the answer to maximizing your digital payment flow.

utilities management accounts payable process


Modernizing existing business processes to reduce costs, add automation and improve workflows has become a critical priority as the telecom industry evolves. System of Record integration is a key step.

CSI is your system integration partner.

utilities management accounts payable process

What to Expect

Increased efficiency and reduced costs with AP process automation from approved payment file through payment execution.

Full visibility, detailed analytics, and reporting of all of your suppliers’ payment data.

A significant positive impact on your organization’s cash flow management and profitability.

Straight-through processing of virtual and static cards through our API platform simplifying payment reconciliation.

Trusted by hundreds of customers


Fast Implementations

  • Our seamless payment processing platform will be up and running within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Integrating with industry-specific ERPs and Systems of Record for straight-through BillPay.
  • No changes to your existing workflow required.

Increased Efficiency & Time Savings

  • Eliminate manual processes so payment teams can focus on revenue growth and other high-value activities.
  • Process 100% of payables (virtual cards, ACH, check) with a single file transfer.

Simplify Reconciliation

  • Deliver secure regulatory compliant transaction process flow.
  • Ensure suppliers are paid promptly.
  • Automate detailed data flow accelerating Banking and Accounting reconciliation.

Cost Reduction & New Revenue Streams

  • Eliminate processing costs, such as labor, bank fees, and printing and mailing paper checks.
  • Reduce costly human errors.
  • Receive cash back incentives with a virtual card payment program.

Case Studies & Testimonials


Conservice, a utility management and billing services provider, shares how CSI’s superior technology and cultural similarities led them to create a partnership-driven approach to processing payments. With a massive amount of spend per month, CSI has been able to develop custom solutions to fit their needs so both parties can focus on what they do best.

Former CFO of Conservice

Kevin Hadlock

Utilities BillPay

AP Automation with CSI Enables Global Payments

“CSI works as a true partner helping to identify ways to integrate and automate AP workflows. Calero Software is a lean organization that is always looking for new ways to improve workflow and do things faster and better which made the entire organization open to the capabilities that CSI provided.”

Former CFO and VP of Calero Software

David Winters

Utilities BillPay

Why Corporate Spending Innovations?


Over a decade of experience working with iconic Managed Service Providers.

Fast integrations

Easily Integrate with ERPs and industry-specific Systems of Record for straight-through BillPay.


Utility and Telecom supplier database with dedicated supplier enrollment and enablement team for maximum supplier participation.


Automate manual, repetitive processes and focus on revenue and profit growth.

Security and Compliance

Deliver secure regulatory compliant transaction process flow.

New Income

Automate payments and convert checks to virtual cards to earn net new income every month.

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