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We work with business of all sizes in all industries. When it comes to payments, automation is a universal game changer. So whatever industry you are in, let us manage your supplier payments and free your AP staff to work on more strategic and revenue generating activities.

Did you Know...

  • 84% of Accounts Payable staff time is spent on transaction processing, leaving only 16% for value added services.
  • 81% of businesses lower payments processing costs with automation.
  • It costs Accounts Payable (AP) organizations nearly $8 to process a single supplier payment. And 62% of those costs stem from labor.
  • It takes an average of 30 days to complete a payment, and 47% of suppliers are paid late.

Source: Deloitte


Our payments platform integrates with virtually all ERPs and accounting systems.

With a single file upload, we can process 100% of payments, virtual card, ACH, B2B Payments Network, and check exactly the way you and your suppliers want them.

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Case Studies & Testimonials

Bank of the West

“CSI’s flexible and advanced payment technology is what makes their solution superior within the Fintech space. CSI understands the needs and demands of the market and is able to remain nimble and flexible in a fast-moving industry.”

Dominique Fracchia, Head of Commercial Card at Bank of the West

BOTW Dominique Fracchia

Your Industry

Government Brands

Learn how CSI Paysystems and NetSuite successfully streamlined payments for Government Brands, decreasing check processing and enabling the AP team to focus on more important tasks.

David Winters, CFO at Government Brands

David Winters

Your Industry

Hint and CSI partner to automate and simplify payments

“CSI helped us every step of the way to ensure our integration was complete and accurate. The team was very knowledgeable and handled issues we encountered confidently and competently. We had all the resources we needed.”

Brian Cramer, VP, Finance and Accounting at Hint Inc.

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Cost Savings

Automation reduces the costs of processing paper checks by up to 70% and can reduce the number of resources needed by 20%, enabling employees to work on more strategic activities.


Reduce Errors & Duplicate Payments

Streamline payments to provide a solid foundation for business growth. Convert checks to virtual card payments to eliminate misdirected or duplicate payments and reduce cost, complexity, and human error.


Fraud Prevention

Check fraud in the US totals $18.7 billion annually so minimize your risk by converting checks to virtual card payments.


Increase Visibility

Gain access to financial data that supports advanced analytics for making more informed financial decisions and improving your company’s cash flow.

Why partner with Corporate Spending Innovations?

Making the decision to automate is half the battle. How to accomplish it is where we can help.

  • A team of experts ready to share their expertise and provide you with the best payment solution.
  • Easy integration with virtually all ERPs and Accounting Systems.
  • AP-certified “Client Team” for initial and continuous service and support.
  • Initial supplier enrollment and ongoing supplier enablement and optimization.
  • Secure payments with strict adherence to regulatory and compliance guidelines.

Digital payments are all we do, and we do it well.

From manufacturing and healthcare to education and nonprofits, one thing these industries all have in common is their Accounts Payable processes. CFOs will tell you that reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and transforming AP from a cost to a profit center is a top priority and critical to business growth.

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