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White Paper: The Digital Shift Report – December 2020

The pandemic has exposed weaknesses in how companies deliver payments to each other, making many firms reconsider the paper check’s lengthy dominance in the business-to-business (B2B) transaction space. Legacy methods for paying vendors and reimbursing employees such as mailed paper checks have proved inconvenient for all parties during a time when many workers are no longer in-office to collect envelopes or print checks.

Cash-strapped vendors are likely to be hit hard by any postal delays that force them to wait even longer to get paid — lags that companies cannot afford while also facing the strains of the pandemic’s economic fallout. The inefficiencies of manual and paper-based processes were evident even before the public health crisis, as 69.8 percent of AP professionals said in 2019 that they wanted to innovate their departments to save time. The ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated these long-running problems.

White Paper: Accounts Payable – The Present & Future of Automation

As the country begins the slow process of reopening offices, schools, and public venues, it’s a good time to reflect on the lessons learned over the past few months. The pandemic deeply affected businesses and identified significant operational gaps that made employees scramble to complete day-to-day responsibilities, especially in a remote environment.

Finance departments, specifically Accounts Payable, struggled with checks going to empty offices, payments being delayed or not paid, and risked damaging long-standing vendor relationships. In addition, the same manual, costly, and time-consuming processes that existed pre-pandemic continue to be on-going pain points for AP personnel.

accounts payable - present and future

White Paper: 2018 Payables Insight Report by PayStream Advisors

How Modern Companies are Automating Payables, Improving Working Capital, and Leveraging Electronic Payments.

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How Banks Win: Corporate Payments

A partnership with CSI provides banks with a distinct competitive advantage and the ability to capture market share in one of the most dynamic sectors.

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Emerging T&E Payment: Virtual Card & Mobile

Corporate cards, ghost or lodge cards, procurement cards—even ACH and checks in certain situations—corporations use a diverse collection of payment.


How Virtual Cards Remove Barriers

In an era where innovation in technology has transformed the way we work and live, it’s hard to believe that 50% of businesses continue to write paper checks. Learn to modernize your B2B payments.

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What’s holding your business back from modernizing your payment system?

In an era defined by technological advancements, it’s no surprise that B2B payments have evolved beyond the use of paper checks and to more advanced electronic payment solutions.


2017 Electronic Payments Report by PayStream Advisors

PayStream believes that today’s electronic payments options are too advantageous in terms of efficiency and savings to forego. Organizations should explore all available ePayments opportunities for the success of their back-office operations.

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