Global B2B Payments and Accounts Payable (AP) Automation.

We’re more than just a virtual credit card provider. We are global leaders in FinTech (Financial Technology). That means we’ve built an elite crew of AP-certified payments experts, software developers, relationship managers, and integration specialists to solve corporate spending challenges across the globe.

The name CSI globalVCard has served us well — we’ve provided, and continue to provide, virtual card payment solutions to over 10,000 clients, but we have a lot more to offer businesses across all verticals.

So, we’re calling it like we see it and repositioning how we want to be seen. CSI globalVCard is now Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI). It’s nice to meet you.

Fully Integrated Solutions

Our payments platform is compatible with any ERP, P2P, or bank workflow. With a single file upload or API integration, CSI Paysystems can help your business create an end-to-end and fully automated AP solution. From invoice to payment or just payments, integration is seamless with zero downtime or cost.

Global Payments

Make secure global payments the way you, your clients, and your vendors want them. We create global accounts payable solutions that make every type of B2B payment easy and automatic for any size organization. Deliver payments in over 18 countries and 140+ currencies with no cross-border fees.


Remastered Reconciliations

Once payment is complete, invoice-level data is synced back to the ERP or P2P system for reconciliation. All transactions in CSI Paysystems are accompanied by Level III data. Invoice and payment information are matched automatically and with accuracy and speed that clears the system in minutes.



Establish your Accounts Payable workflow directly within the CSI Paysystems platform. Our intuitive user-interface makes it easy to automate AP for every payment type.



White-label CSI Paysystems and provide your clients with an integrated payables platform that’s accessible directly from your website with your financial institution’s branding.



Maintain your current ERP and create a payment batch the same way you always have. Batch data is sent to our platform and we oversee automation of payments with your approval.

A Full Suite of Payment Solutions

An award-winning payments platform with industry-leading technology that lets you manage B2B payments across verticals and company departments.


We’ve actualized a Total Accounts Payable (Total AP) solution that makes every type of B2B payment easy and automatic from invoicing to workflows. Automate AP and eliminate manual processes that slow down revenue growth. Make domestic and global payments the way you and your vendors want them.


The most important elements of travel payments brought together on one platform. We’ve built a mobile-ready system that gives travel managers full visibility of travelers, secure virtual card payment options, and real-time solutions to common booking challenges.


APIs are the engine behind our innovations, allowing us to provide the fastest and most secure payments worldwide. A forward-thinking application development approach with programming flexibility that lets us work with any accounting and ERP system across every vertical.


Equip your fleet with the right fleet fuel card and control expenses with customizable spending limits and security features. CSI represents the largest networks in North America which means our cards are accepted by nearly all national and regional brand merchants.

  • “Our clients can automate a payment that previously required ten steps. Not only is the new service completely free for our clients, it simplifies their jobs and delivers a rebate every month. Our clients are happy with the benefits and with the level of support they receive directly from CSI.”

    Ellen Coulter Advantage Software / President
  • “In addition to the ease and security of the virtual card program, we don’t have to pay people to stand at the fax machine all day. CSI’s virtual card program is the one we’ll be recommending to all of our clients.”

    Mark Weston MacNair Travel / Corporate Travel Director
  • “It sounded too good to be true so I was tapping the brakes, sensitive to the time commitment it meant for my staff, but all those concerns quickly melted away. It’s a no-brainer once you realize how it works.”

    Kellie Fischer Texas Rangers / Chief Financial Officer
  • “All nonprofits have felt a decline in donations at some point, but CSI has helped us supplement the gap. The program is a surefire way to grow revenue while we’re conducting our business – without any added expense. In essence, it’s fundraising for us while we sleep.”

    George Gervin George Gervin Youth Center / founder
  • “The CSI Team is rarely content to leave things working “as-is”, they are constantly looking to find ways of making their product work more efficiently with their customers systems. I could not ask for a better partnership.”

    Kimberly Michaux LaPlaya Beach & Golf Resort / Assistant Controller
  • “CSI is a great company to work with. We surveyed our Directors of Finance and 100% said they’d recommend CSI to their industry counter parts.”

    Chris Garland Four Seasons Hotel / Senior Vice President
  • “CSI has been a great partner. They understand the various card programs and how to make their payables program work for the benefit of our bank and our customers.”

    Matt Minchow Mutual of Omaha Bank / Executive Vice President