Reasons CSI Clients are Thankful & Why We Give Thanks for Our Clients

CSI’s reasons to be thankful

The holidays are a time when most people feel the spark of appreciation. Whether you’re thankful during the Thanksgiving season or make gratitude a daily practice, CSI is happy to be counted as a reason our clients give thanks for the partnership.

Our clients are thankful for the payment visibility that CSI Paysystems gives them, as Martha Mazzitelli, CFO at Bay Colony Community Association, explains. “CSI just sounded too good to be true. I was most concerned about the visibility of our existing payables. However, I took the leap of faith, and it’s paid off dividends.”

Martha goes on to explain the benefits of payment automation. “I cannot say enough good things about CSI. They’ve reinvented the traditionally repetitive and mundane tasks associated with Accounts Payable with simplicity and innovation. It blows my mind that not every Club in the U.S. uses CSI.” Nancy Martin, Club Administrator at Calusa Pines, agrees, “After an on-site demonstration of the platform, we saw how easy it would be to manage our payments electronically.”

Another CSI client is Drew Nooney, Controller at Spring Lakes Country Club. Although initially wary of modernizing the Club’s payments, Drew spoke about the efficiency they gained with CSI. “I was hesitant of change, but it was the best thing I could have done. CSI Paysystems drastically improved our payments process and made it an effortless and lucrative process.”

The senior accountant of Government Brands, Doris Sotomayor, also admitted that she had some reservations, but that CSI’s effective planning and support teams settled her fears. “At first, I was nervous about how the implementation would work with rolling out 16 subsidiaries at the same time. Everything has been so fluid and smooth. I would recommend CSI, 100%.”

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Our Thanks to Our Clients

Since 1989, when CSI was founded, our focus has been on making B2B payments easier for our clients. We started with fleet fuel cards and soon became one of the first payment providers to embrace virtual card technology. Later we addressed corporate travel booking challenges with the launch of our travel payment solution. Our innovations have continued to evolve within the Fintech industry with APIs, robotic process automation (RPA), a proprietary network, and collaborations with forward-thinking leading-edge companies.

Whether you connected with us for travel, fleet, or AP automation services, we thank you for coming along on the ride with us, as we’ve developed and evolved to match the demands of the payments industry. Throughout our evolution, we’ve remained customer focused. We are thankful to our clients and partners for assisting in our innovation.

CSI is incredibly thankful for our journey over the last 30 years filled with entrepreneurial spirit, camaraderie, and the support of an amazing and hard-working team. We look forward to continuing our growth and expanding into new areas with IPS in the coming year.



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