Virtually Possible: Goodman Networks Turns To Its TMC And Payment Provider For An Improved Single-Use Card Solution

Business Travel News – While virtual payments to many travel managers remain a novel concept, Goodman Networks recently launched a pilot of its second single-use virtual card solution. The new tool, created by the firm’s travel management company, Adelman Travel Group, in conjunction with payment provider CSI, will allow Goodman to use CSI’s globalVCard virtual payments for both flights and hotels.

“I’ve really been challenged by our hotel direct-bill program,” said Hatch. “The power and civil crews have been my biggest challenge—this is a completely different group of travelers. They’re very high-maintenance, and none of them has [corporate] credit cards.”

The company uses AirPlus in conjunction with Wex (formerly Wright Express) to generate single-use MasterCard numbers and hold hotel bookings, she explained.

However, the AirPlus tool neither is as “robust” as the new solution is expected to be, nor has it as many features, according to Hatch. After a booking is made, the bank—via Adelman as the “conduit”—sends the payment information via fax to the hotel, Hatch said. On the day of check-in, Adelman again faxes the payment information to the hotel and calls to ensure the hotel received the fax.

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