The B2B Foundation Of A B2C Payments Startup – Yoke Payments is a startup that wants to help sellers take back their storefront popularity as eCommerce continues to disrupt physical retail. The company has developed point-of-sale technology that allows consumers to scan a product barcode and pay for a product with a smartphone — a self-checkout solution that includes inventory management for the business.

“When we entered the corporate world, we were really fed up with how hard it was to eat healthy,” Johnson explained. “The idea for Yoke really came as a solution for a checkout platform for micromarkets, which is a mini health food shop that goes right into a corporate break room.”

That idea came to fruition when CSI Enterprises came into the picture. The corporate payments company, which launched the CSI globalVCard brand, also launched its CSI Kick Start initiative this month, an incubator program to help other payments startups disrupt the industry. Yoke Payments is its first startup, which can access not only the financial support of CSI but also its payments and corporate expertise as well.

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