Meet the Team – Introducing globalVCard’s Rylee Grear

So Rylee, tell me a little about yourself!

I live in Cape Coral, Florida with my boyfriend, Chris, my stepson, Cody, and our two big baby Rottweiler’s, Woody and Zeke. In my free time, I am usually found curled up with a good book, beating my family at game night, in the kitchen cooking up a new recipe, or watching my beloved hockey and football teams on TV.

What do you do here at globalVCard?

I’m the department leader for our media team, as well as a relationship manager for about 40-45 media agencies. As a relationship manager, I am responsible for building a strong relationship with our clients and handling all aspects of relationship management from the initial account set-up through vendor enrollment and ongoing client support. We create strategic solutions to help increase the overall revenue of each account by identifying strategic vendors and processes that work for both our clients and their vendors.

What do you think is globalVCard’s greatest competitive advantage?

I think our greatest competitive advantage is our customer service and innovation. We always go above and beyond to make sure our clients are taken care of and are always working towards improving every day.

What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career at globalVCard?

I’m a very introverted person. Working at CSI globalVCard has really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better employee, a better account manager, and a better person. Whether it’s face-to-face client meetings, ERP conferences, or taking over leadership of the biggest department at CSI – it’s been new and scary, but it’s all been challenges I’ve enjoyed taking head-on.

What do you enjoy most about working at globalVCard?

The diversity – I’m always doing something different, working with a multitude of different people with different backgrounds, and always encountering new obstacles and finding new ways to do things. Never a dull moment here!

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered for never giving up. I feel like I’ve taken a lot of punches on the chin, and rolled with them, brushed myself off and never ever giving up the fight. I may lose a fight or a battle, but I’m always determined to win the war.

If you could speak another language, which would it be and why?

Sign language. I took sign language as my second language in high school, but after years of not using it – I lost most of my fluency. I would love to go back and become fluent, and get certified as an interpreter. Outside of that? Probably Gaelic – it’s part of my heritage, and I think it’s extremely obscure and interesting.

If you could have dinner with any other person, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Martin Luther King, Jr. I would love to ask him what he thinks of the world now, and if he feels like everything he worked and lived for and believed in has come to be. Or if he still sees error and issues in today’s world.

What are you most grateful for?

My roots – there’s a song by Parmalee called “Roots” and it really hits home for me. I spent so many years fighting my family, my roots, who I really am as a person, and then one day it hit me in the face like a brick wall – I can’t outrun them, I can’t change them, and honestly – I would NOT change a thing. Everything I’ve gone through, the DNA that runs through my veins, the traditions, values, morals and beliefs instilled in me from a young age – they all make who I am. My favorite line of the song is at the end, “Thank God I can’t, they’re tangled up in every part of who I am. Without ‘em I know I don’t stand a chance. I can’t outrun these roots.” It’s true – I tried, and at the end of the day, I wouldn’t want to.