Forbes: 10 Steps to Marketing Your New Business More Effectively

Forbes – In this Forbes article, our president and CEO was called upon to offer author John Rampton shares tips to help startups more effectively market their business. Among the tips is to automate as much as possible using today’s technology tools.


For a small business, the best thing you can do to accomplish tasks efficiently is to make the most of today’s many tech tools. Keith Stone, President and CEO of CSI globalVCard says his company offers a fully supported payment solution at no cost. “A small monthly fee is offset by the ability to earn cash back rewards.” This allows most businesses to automate everything. Everything from your purchasing processes to your social media management should be automated as much as possible. When your software is working in the background, handling day-to-day activities, you’ll be free to focus your efforts on building and growing your business. Set up alerts to notify you whenever your brand is mentioned online to ensure you can respond immediately when someone comments on your new business.

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