Innovation and the Red Box: CSI globalVCard Launches Adobe Kickbox


Today we launched the Adobe Kickbox program at CSI globalVCard.

Innovation is at the heart of CSI’s culture. It’s what has kept us at the forefront of the payments industry for over 25 years, with evolving technology that continually brings increased speed and security to every aspect of corporate payments.

Our entrepreneurial environment is apparent during our weekly staff meetings, which bring our employees together to share victories, solve problems, and challenge the status quo. Since our employees are continually tasked with ‘thinking outside of the box,’ it’s a bit ironic that this week’s staff meeting was highlighted by the distribution of the red box.

But inside that red box – the brainchild of Adobe’s Kickbox program, made available to companies like ours through open-source – lies all of the resources needed to ignite game-changing innovation within our company.

While Kickbox provides our company with a brilliant starting point, a few modifications were needed to mold the program to our strategic purpose:

  1. Instead of individual innovations, we’re working in teams. Teams consist of individuals from different departments with varying talents and personalities. Within hours of the program launch, eight teams were already collaborating on their ideas.
  2. Our team innovations will be presented during our annual kickoff meeting in January. Teams will take the stage and enter CSI’s version of Shark Tank, and pitch to our own ‘Mr. Wonderful’ among other distinguished judges.
  3. We’re not competing for the blue box. We’re competing for the grand prize of $10,000 along with the opportunity to further develop and launch a new business within CSI.

We can’t wait to see what our talented teams will create with the encouragement and resources to go forth and innovate!