CSI-backed Yoke Payments Opens New Market Opportunities for Micro Markets in Small Businesses

CSI Kick Start and Yoke Payments announce that their innovative self-checkout payment technology is opening new opportunities for small businesses to benefit from in-house micro markets. Traditionally, the initial investment to bring healthy vending options to the workplace can reach $20,000 upfront and require a large section of prime real estate to house bulky coolers and a large self-checkout kiosk. Yoke Payments is revolutionizing this model.

“That level of investment required placement in large companies with thousands of employees in order to get the volume required for ROI,” said Benjamin Thomas, co-founder of Yoke Payments. “With Yoke Payments, a turnkey micro market – including an advanced, self regulated cooler, wall shelving to hang snacks and baskets, and our tablet-sized checkout terminal – can be installed in as little as five feet of space for $3,500. This removes entry barriers for smaller companies desiring to keep their workforce energized with healthy food options.”

The most significant advancement is in Yoke Payments’ self-checkout technology, which won the payment industry’s Best POS Innovation Award last year. For vending operators seeking to leverage this technology with existing markets, their POS self-checkout system can easily be upgraded to Yoke Payments, reducing both the costs and the amount of office space required by existing checkout kiosks.

Yoke Payments’ innovative technology enables both the self-checkout payment process and inventory managements through its mobile app. Once the app is downloaded on a tablet or mobile device, employees can independently scan and pay for their items, while vending operators gain real-time data to manage inventory.

This reduces the amount of space required for a checkout kiosk from an ATM-like machine to the size of a tablet device, which can be installed on a countertop or on the wall. If even wall space is hard to come by, companies can empower their employees to download the mobile app and make purchases directly from their mobile phone.

While the Yoke Payments innovation opens new opportunities for small business, its micro market concept can suit any size company. Visit www.yokepayments.com to learn more about this innovative POS payment that is transforming the self-checkout process for micro markets.



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