What’s stopping you from automating your payments process?

Automating payments will strain my company resources.

What if you could simplify your business operations to enable current staff to focus on more value-added tasks?

My current payment process works well.

Have you considered the high processing fees and fraud associated with paper checks?

I can’t control my vendors' payment methods.

What if we told you millions of businesses, from small to the largest enterprises, accept B2B payments via virtual card due to the enhanced efficiency, faster receipt of payment, and reduced risk of fraud?

Automating payments will be too expensive.

Did you know many payment solution providers have no upfront cost and offer the ability to earn new income streams by making payments via virtual card?

CSI provides innovative payment solutions to world-leading brands across all industries.

  • Integrates with virtually all ERPs and accounting systems
  • Process 100% of payments (virtual card, ACH, check) exactly how you and your suppliers want them
  • Eliminate manual processes that slow down revenue growth

SAP Concur and CSI have given us the flexibility to approve invoices and process payments from any location at any time.

Ryan Murnick | Controller, Illinois CPA Society

What’s stopping you from automating your payments process?

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