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FinSider Webinar Series

FinSider Webinar & Podcast Series

Corporate Spending Innovations has introduced a new virtual series called FinSider.

FinSider Webinars are presented live with original programming. Episodes are 30-45 minutes and include a 10-15-minute Q&A session. These webinars are conducted in a variety of formats such as interviews, debates, fireside chats, presentations, and more. Speakers discuss industry trends, payments automation, as well as audience requested topics.

FinSider Podcasts: Tune in for straight talk on payments automation, when you want it. Check back for our latest on-demand episodes.

The Present & Future State of Automated Payments

Over the past year, the global pandemic has brought on a great deal of challenges for many businesses around the world. In this episode of FinSider, two of the payment industry’s leading experts evaluate how B2B payables have been affected and what to expect moving forward.

Join host David Disque, President at CSI, as he interviews guest Kevin Phalen, the head of global business solutions at Visa, about the future of payments and why automation is now more relevant than ever.

CSI FinSider Podcast with Eric Riddle & special guest Kyle Muskoff of BuyerQuest

IOFM Virtual Town Hall – The Accounts Payable Automation Answer Forum

Explore B2B Payments Automation with CSI’s EVP Eric Riddle & Enverus’ Chris Dinkler

CSI’s Cindy Lewis chats with Trey Pederson & Wendy Gober from Rockall Energy

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Unravel Travel Webinar Series

Unravel Travel Webinar Series

Check out the ” Unravel Travel Webinar Series”, presented by Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI). Each episode is presented live and focuses on a variety of topics related to payments in the corporate travel industry. We cover everything from the basics of virtual cards to common use cases and customer testimonials.

Unravel Travel Episode 1: Fleet Management & Corporate Travel – Let’s Meet in the Middle

Unravel Travel Episode 2:
Virtual Payments 101

Unravel Travel Episode 3:
How to Make Virtual Cards Work for You

Unravel Travel Episode 4: #NEWNORMAL in Travel Payments — Past, Present & Future

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