All I Want for the Holidays are Comfort, Joy and Peace of Mind

Tis’ the season – for holiday parties, vacations, travel, and time with family and friends. However, business continues on and your employees continue to travel for work as well. Unfortunately, many travel managers end up having to put in extra work on their time off to resubmit credit card authorizations to hotels or correct reservations.

“I’ve spent many a weekend and many late nights calling in information to our hotels…

I’ve left many social events to fax a credit card authorization to a hotel.”

Karen Hatch, Goodman Network

Fortunately, CSI globalVCard Travel is here to prevent those pesky problems from crashing your holiday party! With our virtual credit card payments, and our mobile app for travelers, your employees are empowered to fax their own credit card authorization form right from their phone to the hotel front desk! So what are these virtual credit cards I speak of?

globalVCard Travel Deck (1) Virtual cards also ensure your travelers are staying compliant. GBTA estimates that the annual cost for non-compliant travel is a whopping $3,000 per traveler. Virtual cards reduce that risk by ensuring only authorized travel is booked, and reservations are paid for in the exact amount.

Travel Process

Using globalVCard Travel, the traveler requests a reservation from your booking system, the reservation is paid for with a virtual card for the exact amount, and the reservation data is pushed to your traveler’s mobile phone.

The globalVCard Travel mobile app removes the obstacles of direct hotel billing with automated faxing to ensure smooth check-in. The required authorization form is sent to the hotel several times prior to arrival, however if the traveler arrives and the front desk cannot locate the form, your traveler can simply open their mobile app and manually fax the authorization right from their phone. Ultimately meaning you don’t have to leave your holiday party!

globalVCard Travel also offers you simplified reconciliation, meaning you won’t return from your holiday to a pile of receipts and the headache of manual reconciliation.

“We had a ghost card, but the reconciliation darn near killed us.

Then we went to individual cards and now I have a compliance problem.”

Corporate Travel Manager, GBTA 2013

globalVCard Travel Deck (2)

So, if you want some peace and joy this holiday season, consider calling CSI and implementing globalVCard Travel today.


About CSI globalVCard Travel

For over 25 years, CSI Enterprises has provided innovative payment solutions to world leading brands. Combining technology and extraordinary customer service, the company’s highly secure globalVCard® virtual card payment solutions enable businesses to reduce costs and increase profits in all areas of B2B payments.

‘globalVCard travel’ is CSI’s no-cost corporate travel payment solution. Combining the company’s award-winning virtual card system, mobile payment app and PCard, globalVCard travel provides businesses with powerful spending control and benefits that enable travel managers to increase compliance, reduce fraud, simplify reconciliations and solve the direct hotel billing challenges. Visit to learn more.