Virtual Payments: Five Compelling Reasons Why Canadian CFOs Should be Taking a Closer Look

Payments Business (Canada) –  The latest credit card security breaches impacting Target and Neiman Marcus are one more nail in the traditional card’s coffin. It’s certainly obvious that change should happen and happen soon. Supposedly pin and chip cards will provide the solution but they are already being compromised in Europe and adoption in Canada is still years away. With corporate executives on the road, corporate card in hand, CFOs need to be looking at alternatives. Now.

Virtual cards are gaining traction in the corporate payments space, and for good reason. With extraordinary controls and an ecosystem that supports universal acceptance, virtual cards eliminate the risk of stolen credit  cards that are in the spotlight today and provide streamlined efficiencies to an expansive portfolio of use cases.

Download the full article authored by CSI’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Kolbenheyer, and learn about the five benefits of virtual card payments that are quickly capturing the attention of CFOs across industries.

(Article .pdf used with permission by Payments Business).