Virtual Credit Card Payments

The safest way to pay. Period.
Earn rebates and monthly income on all virtual card spend and network payments.

Payments built for the future

Faster reconciliations and real-time controls for compliance. Virtual cards are highly-secure, single-use cards that reduce costs by minimizing manual processes.

How it Works

Don’t change everything. Virtual card payments follow the same process as your current check runs.



You receive an invoice from a supplier that accepts fast payments via virtual card.


Single-file Upload

The accounts payable (AP) team performs a check run in your ERP or accounting system. The file is sent to the CSI Paysystems platform via API or SFTP in a single-file upload.


Virtual Card

CSI creates a single-use virtual card number approved for the exact amount of the invoice(s). It’s associated with your ERP or Accounting system’s check reference number.


Payment Approval

The virtual card number is securely sent to your supplier within 15 minutes of payment approval. Attached remittance details make it easy for your suppliers accounts receivable team to process.

Don’t think your suppliers will accept virtual cards?

We’re here to help.

We have a stellar reputation in the industry for educating and enrolling suppliers. We’ve found most suppliers agree that receiving quick and automated payments and increasing their available cash flow is a win-win. If some of your suppliers are not willing to accept virtual cards, we can manage all preferred payment types including ACH, Proprietary Network (ACH+), checks and Foreign Exchange.

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