CSI globalVCard is Thankful this Thanksgiving Season

In celebration of Turkey Day, CSI globalVCard would like to give thanks to the people and things that keep us moving forward and continually evolving the way businesses pay around the globe: our customers, our partners, our employees, coffee, and laughter.


We understand that changing the way you do business isn’t always easy. But we’re confident that this is a change your company will be glad you made. CSI has helped 10,000 customers, including some of the world’s most iconic brands, move their payables from paper checks to our automated payment system. With an extraordinary client retention rate, we can confidently say – “they’re never going back to paper!”

We are incredibly grateful to have wonderful customers who provide us with feedback and recommendations allowing us to alter our product roadmap to ensure that we are constantly creating innovations designed specifically to meet the needs of financial executives.


We are grateful for the relationships we have worked so hard to build with our amazing partners. Our partners are innovators, leaders, change-agents, and problem-solvers within their markets. They include banks, software companies, TMCs, and developers. Our partners introduce our electronic payment solutions to their customers, ensuring they remain at the forefront of payments with the ability to offer innovative products continuously. We work hard to ensure that our mutually rewarding relationships benefit our partners and their customers.


We love what we do and it shows. When customers or prospective partners visit our headquarters, the first thing they notice is the ‘buzz of innovation’ that fills our offices. Innovation teams are everywhere at CSI. From our walls to our halls, collaboration and passion for raising the bar of possibilities is everywhere. At CSI globalVCard, ideas have no hierarchy. Every team member is empowered, encouraged and supported in our quest to innovate. We’re never complacent or restricted to traditional ways of thinking, which is why we’ve remained at the forefront of the payments industry for over 26 years.

At the core, our business is all about people. It’s about hiring the best talent. It’s about empowering our employees to ‘think big’ and make a difference. It’s about making our customers feel special every time we engage. It’s about the “CSI Family” and #LifeatCSI. It’s about ensuring every member of the team feels the CSI love. CSI is lucky to have such an amazing complement of staff who drive the company to reach its full potential.


“Oh I can’t stop drinking the coffee…if I stop drinking coffee I stop doing the standing and walking and the words-putting-into sentence doing.”

Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Coffee is the lifeblood of CSI globalVCard employees. In our corporate headquarters alone, we have three Keurigs, two regular coffee pots, and two espresso machines. Creamers take up a whole shelf in the fridge. Impromptu runs to Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts for specialty beverages occur daily. This delicious liquid keeps us going strong through the day with smiles on our faces as we power through and make each day better than the day before. Coffee allows our team to soar to new heights.

Thanksgiving Pants and Laughter

Image Source: NBC

Image Source: NBC








  • Laughter is vital to any business that wants to succeed.
  • Laughter is a stress buster
  • Laughter increases productivity by creating an upbeat atmosphere
  • Laughter is a key ingredient in creative thinking
  • Laughter builds trust and boosts morale
  • Laughter encourages passion
  • Laughter inspires you to see the world from a different perspective
  • Laughter helps create bonds between people
  • Laughter improves your health

And “Thanksgiving pants” allow you to eat seconds of every item on that delicious buffet, while still fitting in your pants. Ha!

“There is little success where there is little laughter.”

Andrew Carnegie