Start with virtual credit card payments and watch your business grow

As a member in our network, you’ll be visible to thousands of potential customers who prefer to pay suppliers with virtual cards. We make it easy to automate accounts receivable and set your business up to receive fast and secure virtual credit card payments from every customer

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What to Expect

Efficiency and Visibility

  • Multiple invoices in batch files handled with a single payment.
  • Easy reconciliation with unique virtual credit card numbers and full remittance detail


  • Access to thousands of businesses through the CSI network of preferred suppliers.
  • Exposure to potential buyers who prefer to pay suppliers with virtual credit cards.


  • 24/7 customer service, including live chat.
  • Dedicated supplier enrollment team.


  • Overcome losses associated with lost or stolen card numbers and manual check payments.
  • Receive sensitive payment information via a secure portal or secure email.

Jeffrey Smith

CFO of Fortessa Dinnerware Solutions.

"Payments we received from Corporate Spending Innovation Paysystems were the easiest and most secure. We liked it so much that we started using it ourselves for our own payables too. Not only is it more efficient, and our auditors say it's more secure without paper checks floating around, but we also get money back - that's new revenue for our business. It's a no brainer. I only wish I had done it sooner."

How it Works

step 1

Customer approves supplier's invoice batch in Corporate Spending Innovation Paysystems.

step 2

Payment is disbursed via secure email validation, supplier portal, or STP.

step 3

Payment is processed through supplier's merchant processor.

step 4

Funds are settled in days versus weeks.

step 5

Payment remittance details are exported directly into your ERP for automated reconciliation.

If your company is not setup to accept credit card payments, contact us to learn how easy it is to get set up.

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