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The Sales Administrator will report directly to the Managing Director of Global Operations in our NYC office. This position will serve in multiple roles including – Executive Assistant/Project Manager/Sales Administrator as well as other areas of administrative, customer service, sales, and relationship management related functions as needed. The following job description is not all-inclusive and may vary based on the skillset and experience of the candidate. Position located in Downtown New York City at 222 Broadway.


Primary Function – Sales Support

Our executives also serve as our most valuable sales tools – who require an assistant capable of following-up on sales calls and interacting with c-level clients while managing activity and reporting in Salesforce. The primary focus of the Sales Administrator will be sourcing, hunting and finding the key players/contacts to generate sales calls and meetings for the Managing Director. This position will be responsible for tracking all communications, emails and important information in Salesforce.  Sales Administrator may also participate in meetings and calls to take notes and assist in facilitating follow-up and ensuring consistent progress is made. Excellent and professional communication skills are essential. Knowledge of Salesforce is required.

Project Management

The Managing Director maintains an extremely busy schedule while juggling several projects, sales accounts, clients and priorities at once. This role will require excellent project management skills to assist in creating timelines and visualizing how and when completion deadlines will be met. Will hold executive and other employees/clients/vendors/partners accountable for meeting expectations and driving progress.

Schedule Management

Position will be responsible for all calendar management and scheduling to include setting up travel, meetings, speaking engagements and other appointments. This will also involve ensuring there are no scheduling conflicts and making sure executives know where they need to be when. Knowing and managing the full details are very key – quick thinking and acting will be imperative.

Communication Liaison

Manage the flow of information between members of the executive leadership team and entire company. Screen phone calls, review emails, and summarize reports and memos that are received before disseminating information. The Sales Administrator will serve as the gatekeeper for the executives. Communicate and plan meetings with department heads and global offices.

Information Preparation

Preparing and formatting information for internal and external distribution. This may include writing letters, emails and memos, compiling data for reports, creating presentations, writing reports, transcribing dictation, editing, proofreading and other information preparation duties. Manage and help support social media and PR for the individual executive.

Records Management

Maintaining company records and duties for compliance and financial confidentiality. Responsible for setting up and managing electronic filing systems and maintain company compliance with all applicable record-keeping requirements.

Data Analysis

Help lead data analysis, using a combination of computer and critical thinking skills. For example: accountable for ensuring that the executive team and company heads are meeting overall financial goals, carefully analyzing financial data and creating reports.


You will have access to confidential information. Virtually every aspect of the role and position must be protected, so being able to maintain confidentiality and exercise discretion is essential for success in this position.


Desired Skills and Experience

The ideal candidate must be extremely detail oriented, organized, have excellent time management and calendar management skills, be well versed in MS Office, Salesforce, and be flexible to do any task as needed. Must be naturally fast-paced, energetic, self-motivated and driven to succeed in all areas.


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