As Baseball Teams Prepare for Season Openers, New Video Shows how CSI globalVCard helps Team CFOs Make the Shift to Electronic Payments

Bonita Springs, FL – As professional baseball teams prepare to open their season with players at their optimal health and readiness, team CFOs can also be strengthening their financial systems, particularly when it comes to payments. In a new video by CSI globalVCard, Texas Rangers CFO, Kellie Fischer, shares her initial concerns about moving her team to electronic payments, along with the many benefits realized.

Fischer’s concerns are echoed by many financial executives as they consider moving their payment systems from costly manual processes to more efficient electronic payment systems. Those concerns, along with the ways that CSI globalVCard has alleviated those concerns for the Texas Rangers, are summarized below:

1. Is it too good to be true? Analytical minds are naturally skeptical when something sounds too good to be true, and this has been the case for many CSI globalVCard customers. After all, an electronic payment solution that is easy to implement and use, yields significant savings, costs nothing and is fully supported by a dedicated service team is a rarity. As Fischer explains in the video, “I was suspect, tapping the brakes every step of the way…but all those concerns melted away. It’s a no brainer once you realize how it works.”

2. Time commitment. Finance teams are often operating at maximum capacity, with little time for disruptive new software or learning curves. Contrary to most new software implementations, the web-based globalVCard payment system is very easy to use and can be implemented in as little as two weeks. “It’s been helpful for our staff as well as our vendors,” said Fischer. “Vendors get paid quickly, when they expect to, and we’re processing payments almost effortlessly.”

3. Vendor relationships. Professional sports teams must protect the integrity of all relationships, including vendors. Support and respect for not only customers but also vendors is something that differentiates CSI from all other payment providers, and a key reason why CSI achieves the highest vendor acceptance in the industry. “We work with many high profile vendors and the CSI team has been very respectful of the sensitivities. They have earned our trust and we love the globalVCard program.”

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