Global-Fleet Fuel Card launches their National Campaign and reveals a new website


Global-Fleet Fuel Card launches their National Campaign and reveals a new website: As Seen in Yahoo News

As a leader in the fleet fueling industry, Global-Fleet Fuel Card offers flexible and unique features that make it a powerful fuel and maintenance purchasing tool. With over twenty three years in fleet fuel management business, you may wonder what they are trying to prove. The answer lies in the word: Improve.

Product improvements are high priority including a national campaign to include rich banner ads, teaser videos, online image ads and print ad insertions in the fleet industry’s most prominent media publications. Global-Fleet Fuel Card will continue to offer its clients’ businesses the most advanced fuel maintenance program solutions available. The program will never loose site of fleet fuel industry’s essentials, which include card customizations, authorization controls, exception reporting, purchase alerts and flexible billing. The site still offers the Fleet Fuel Savings Calculator which allows a company to find out their potential fleet fuel savings as fleets can realize up to 15% savings. The Low Gas Price Locator feature is also offered through the website to find the best fuel prices by city, state or zip code.

Global-Fleet Fuel Card has added some product enhancements that include more national acceptance and purchase alerts. The program is now accepted at nearly ALL U.S. gas and diesel fuel locations including major automotive maintenance locations. Now drivers never have to search for an accepting site. Purchase alerts now allow you to receive an email when a transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines so you can decide if any action is required on the spot.

“The redesigned website represents our company’s commitment to helping fleets save on fuel costs while bringing enhanced control and reporting features to help make their businesses more efficient,” explains Keith Stone, Global-Fleet President/CEO.

The Global-Fleet Fuel Card campaign kicks off August 4, 2011. With much anticipation around the campaign, the Global-Fleet Fuel team is eager to hit the ground running.

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