CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Version 2 – Improvements in Security and User-Interface Round Out the Latest Version

CSI globalVCard™ Mobile App Version 2 – Improvements in Security and User-Interface Round Out the Latest Version

Bonita Springs, Fla. – CSI Enterprises, Inc., a leader in innovative purchasing solutions for enterprises and businesses, is set to reveal several game-changing additions in the latest edition of the mobile payment application, globalVCard™. On February 19th in Toronto, ON, globalVCard™ Version 2 will launch as an updated, and even more secure product, with several improvements in the user interface.

Credit card fraud has been on the rise within the past year, and business cardholders have become increasingly more susceptible. globalVCard™ Version 2, will virtually close the door on would-be scammers, by offering unprecedented options for safe and secure transmission. The new release will feature Secure Send, allowing users to select the security level of how the vCard is sent to the recipient. With a simple tap within the App, a user can select to have an email sent to the recipient, which will require further sign-in action in order to see the card details.

“The CSI globalVCard™ is a serious threat to fraud,” says Jason Kolbenheyer, CSI’s Senior Products Director. “With the ability to generate single or multi-use secure credit card account numbers on the fly, you mitigate, if not eliminate, the unfortunate situation where your credit card account number is intercepted. With the CSI globalVCard™, the user authorizes a credit card number for a single transaction. After that transaction is processed, that number becomes useless to a hacker. In that sense, the globalVCard is a preemptive anti-fraud technology.”

The new CSI globalVCard™ App will also have improvements in the user interface. Clients who manage several companies through a master account on the CSI web-based product, GPS, will now have the same ability on the mobile app. Within the app, users will also be able to attach photos and batch-create VCards.

Following the trend of a more versatile product, account managers will now have the ability to set their employees up in Card Receiver Mode. This new mode will allow corporate users to request and receive VCards, but not create them. CSI globalVCard™ Version 2, will set the standard in mobile payment options for corporations on-the-go.