CSI globalVCard and Jonas Club Software Integration Brings Leading Electronic Payments Solution to Club Management Industry

Bonita Springs, FL – CSI Enterprises, a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, has joined forces with Jonas Club Software, the leading provider of software, communicating and service solutions to the Club industry. This exclusive integration partnership in the club management software industry enables Jonas users to automate payments and replace costly paper checks with the globalVCard® virtual card payment system.

Within the Jonas Club Management software system, globalVCard is now offered as a payment type, enabling customers to pay vendors via a secure, single-use virtual card number. The electronic system mirrors the current AP workflow and approval process, and allows for easier reconciliation.

“We are always seeking to introduce new tools that will help our clients achieve greater levels of success by improving efficiencies and generating new revenues,” said Jim Fedigan, President of Jonas Club Software. “Our partnership with CSI promises to bring not only significant cost savings and efficiencies, but also assurance that our clients benefit from the extraordinary level of customer service that CSI extends to all of its clients.”

The integration brings the following key benefits to Jonas Software clients:

Security – Because the single-use credit card number is issued for a single transaction, the number becomes invalid once the transaction is complete, thereby eliminating the risk of stored credit card numbers being hacked.
Cost savings – virtual cards eliminate paper checks and the costs that go with them, estimated to cost a business up to $20 per check.
Speed – through the system integration, payments are completely automated, significantly increasing efficiencies and eliminating the risk of manual error
New revenue – customers earn monthly cash back rewards based on virtual card transactions

“Our partner ecosystem is continued to be strengthened through partners like Jonas Club Software, where new verticals now have broader access to our turnkey payments solutions,” said Keith Stone, President and CEO of CSI Enterprises. “The team behind Jonas Club Software is exceptional, and the synergies we share between our companies, our culture and our vision, provide a great foundation for long-term success.”