CSI Enterprises, Inc. Launches New Business Credit Card Website

“The credit card industry is lacking a business specific credit card program with extensive controls to manage all corporate expenses, CSI has the solution to fit any business.” states Keith J Stone, CSI President.

The CSI MasterCard® Corporate Multi Card offers controls and security like no other program on the market. Cards are customized to your needs. Authorize groups, sub-groups, or individual employees for specific purchases. Establish restrictions by card for when, where, how much and how often purchases are made.

CSI provides your business with online account access to manage cards and view transactions in real time. The suite of online tools provides full account management access, real time authorization reporting, transaction/purchasing reports and much more. Change limits, block or unblock cards, make one-time exceptions, analyze spending patterns for vendor negotiations, and tie transactions to GL codes to track online.

The CSI MasterCard® Corporate Multi Card program helps your company’s employees by providing: a convenient one card solution, simpler buying process with preset limits and controls, and extensive business and travel benefits including rich card protection features. Regardless of your company’s credit needs, CSI has the solution for you.