CSI Enterprises, Inc. Announces Integration of globalVCard Virtual Card Payment Solution with Concur’s Compleat Travel Management Software

globalvcard travel

(Bonita Springs, FL) August 30, 2017 – CSI Enterprises, Inc. (CSI), a leading provider of electronic payment solutions, announced today the integration of their highly secure globalVCard virtual card with Concur’s Compleat, the customizable travel agency automation system.

CSI’s globalVCard travel solution is a no-cost virtual card that gives travel managers powerful spending control and benefits that increase compliance, reduce fraud, simplify reconciliations, and solve direct hotel billing challenges. globalVCard will be directly integrated with Concur Compleat’s TravPay Module providing an additional automated payments option and virtual card product for procuring business travel expenses for TMC partners within the mid-office level.

“This integration underscores our position in the industry as a leading virtual card issuer,” said Juliann Pless, SVP, globalVCard Travel. “We are excited about this partnership and the opportunity to offer an advanced virtual card payment solution to hundreds of travel management companies worldwide that use Concur’s Compleat system.”

The globalVCard Travel solution addresses several pain points in travel management including the following:

  • Security – Single-use virtual credit card payments become invalid once the transaction is complete offering additional security that eliminates opportunity to re-use.
  • Compliance – No unauthorized upgrades can be hidden in expense reports and travelers are held accountable to approved budgets.
  • Control – Spending limits and usage restrictions can be controlled in real time with desktop or mobile devices.
  • Reconciliation – Each virtual card number is tied to a specific transaction, enabling reconciliation by traveler, trip, or department.

“We are always looking for ways to better serve TMCs through new partners and services that can be quickly deployed using Concur Compleat,” said Brian Hace, VP TMC Services at Concur. “This partnership with globalVCard Travel provides TMCs with additional solutions for greater control and security while helping them to deliver seamless travel experiences to their clients.”