Podcasts Worth Listening To

It is often difficult to find mentors who have the time to personally share their leadership and entrepreneurship knowledge.  That is why podcasts can be helpful and inspiring.  Podcasts are audio lectures, interviews or discussions that you subscribe to and download to a computer or mobile device.

But is there anything worth listening to if you are a business person?


Podcasts have been around for years but their popularity has recently increased, tripling to 75 million listeners from just 25 million 5 years ago. Think of all the time slots you have in a day that you could benefit from audio learning while still completing some daily tasks.

The trick to benefiting from podcasts is to choose the right ones to follow. Here is my list of thought-provoking podcasts geared around the topics of finance, management and leadership.

Around the Coina weekly podcast on banking, money and payments that provides an alternative perspective for entrepreneurs for growing a business in and around the payment industry.  Podcast is co-hosted by Faisal Khan @babushka99, Brian Roemmele @BrianRoemmele and Mike Townsend @Mikettownsend

BBC Business Daily – a daily news podcast that examines the big issues affecting global economy, demystifies the world of money and provides updates on business news and trends.

$100MBA – a daily 10 minute podcast to help you get better at business.  Co-hosted by Omar Zenhom @BizRepublic and Nicole Baldinu @nicole-baldinu

Mixergy – a podcast that features interviews with big name entrepreneurs. Sometimes the best way to understand an issue is to learn from those who have faced the same struggles.  Hosted by Andrew Warner. @AndrewWarner