Northstar & CSI Partnership

Northstar, the leading vendor of Club Management Software partnered with CSI to provide an innovative and automated payment solution for Golf and Country Clubs. It allows you to initiate and manage your entire payment process within your club management software. CSI’s accounts payable automation enables you to pay suppliers using their preferred payment type, while seamlessly integrating with Northstar’s platform.

CSI’s automated solution allows customers to pay suppliers quickly and securely and streamlines accounts payable workflow, including approval and reconciliation processes.

Partnership Overview


FULL PAYMENT VISIBILITY: Gain better control over cash flow and timing of supplier payments 24/7, allowing you to maximize early payment discounts wherever possible.

EFFICIENCY: Automating payments will streamline your workflow, increase productivity, and allow for more valuable revenue-generating activities.

INCREASED SECURITY: Reduce the risk of payments fraud by establishing concrete approval processes, easily identifying invoice discrepancies, and flagging supplier errors.

RECONCILIATION: All payments can be tracked in real-time for easy reconciliation.

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Generate New Revenue

Increase cash flow with monthly rebates earned on card payments to suppliers. The typical supplier acceptance rate of cards is 30 to 40 percent. You’ll generate new monthly revenue simply by paying your bills.

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Automate All Payment Types

VIRTUAL CARDS: A unique electronic card number is assigned to each invoice or transaction. CSI’s dedicated supplier enrollment team handles the conversion of suppliers to virtual card to maximize rebate potential.

ACH: CSI can push funds straight to the supplier’s bank account or drive bank-to-bank transfers through ACH, usually received within one business week.

PAPER CHECKS: CSI automates check payments by printing, signing, stuffing, and mailing by the next business day.

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Client Success

Prestigious golf club, Calusa Pines, converts 60% of supplier payments from check to virtual card to save time, reduce fraud, and earn net new income.

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