International Payments

Leading the industry in global corporate payments

When you want to modernize international payments, CSI has you covered from USD to CNY. We currently handle global payments in 18 countries and 140 currencies.

Seamless Money Transfer

With CSI Paysystems, you can move money safely, quickly, and intelligently through our web or mobile portal, 24/7.

Low Cost, No Hidden Fees

Benefit from the best pre-negotiated rates with some of the world’s largest, fully regulated, international payment providers.

Transparent Currency Conversion

CSI Paysystems can settle payments in over 140 currencies with the ability to lock in favorable exchange rates.

Transparent Cross-Border Transactions with Competitive Rates

Through one platform, you can manage domestic and international vendor payments in more than 140 currencies. When working with international vendors, they are able to invoice you with their preferred currency and CSI can settle funds accordingly.

Our payments platform offers transparent and competitive currency exchange rates that let you see exactly how much your suppliers are getting paid.

It has never been simpler or more affordable to make international payments, for everyone in the supply chain.

One Platform, Multiple Payments

CSI Paysystems supports virtual cards, ACH, and FX.

Efficient and Secure

Improve work efficiency by reducing time spent on manual processes and increase payment security.

Customer Support

Enjoy a dedicated Account Manager that’s ready to answer your questions

No Integration

No IT system integration and no change to existing workflow or financial systems.


Cash Return

Cash returns on qualifying payments

Corporate Travel

From booking payments to reconciliation, a beginning-to-end corporate travel solution.

How It Works

From one platform, you can manage international payments as easily as your domestic payments.


1. Payment is Requested

Customer payment file is uploaded to CSI Paysystems with requested currency

2. Rates Locked

CSI locks in the best rate from Foreign Exchange (FX) providers and settles the foreign payment

3. Files Exchanged

FX provider sends settlement details back to the customer through CSI Paysystems

4. Payment is Made

Customer funds payment to FX provider through CSI Paysystems

What Is A Virtual Card?

A virtual card is a single use credit card with an exact dollar amount. Because all card numbers are single-use, each number is tied to a specific invoice number, making payment much more secure, and the reconciliation process much easier.

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