Huffington Post: Virtual Payments, China and the Rise of Global Commerce


Huffington Post – Consider this column a sequel to my article about global commerce because the news from CSI globalVCard, a leading B2B payments company specializing in virtual payments, further attests to the importance of this issue.

The company’s announcement about its expansion into China, its second salvo in as many months, complements its partnership with Beijing-based E-Life Financial Holdings, a subsidiary of HNA Group. Together, CSI globalVCard and E-Life will offer Chinese companies electronic supplier payments at an affordable cost.

This milestone matters a lot because, as an independent observer of this issue and various related trends, I believe that as China goes, so goes the world. Which is to say, if China adopts this form of virtual payments – if the second largest economy in the world welcomes technology and applications of this kind – it is the ultimate confirmation of the staying power of this movement and the strongest validation of this concept.

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