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Hotel Network

Convenience and Security in
Hotel Payments

You want to get paid quickly and securely. Your guests want secure payments along with the convenience of a speedy check-in process.

As a member of the CSI Travel Hotel Network, everyone wins. We’re simplifying hotel payments by bringing you complete virtual card data along with payment instructions in a single and securely transmitted email.

We pride ourselves on innovation that meets PCI DSS security standards and our secure email service delivers without compromise.

Hotel Network FAQ

If I am a hotel receiving payments from CSI Travel, what changes can I expect after I opt out of faxes?

Once you provide us with your email address for payments:

If your email provider supports Transport Layer Security (TLS) – you will receive a securely delivered email with full credit card information and the payment instructions

If your email provider does not support TLS – you will receive a FAX instead.

Payment emails will be delivered to you from an email address.

What is TLS?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) is one of the most widely used security protocols and ensures privacy between two email applications and their users so that a third-party cannot eavesdrop or tamper with the email messages exchanged between them.

When TLS is in place, people in both locations can send emails to each other without doing anything extra to encrypt the email.

How do I know if my email has TLS?

You can determine whether your email is TLS-enabled at

Enter your email address and click ‘Try It’.

We recommend working with your own IT support if you are unsure of the results.

Can I still receive payments if I don’t have TLS?

Yes! If TLS is not supported, you will continue to receive payments via secure, PCI compliant Faxes.


Overview of CSI & CSI Travel

CSI is a global FinTech leader with an elite crew of AP-certified payments experts, software developers, relationship managers, and integration specialists working diligently to solve corporate spending challenges across the globe. Our award-winning payments platform, CSI Paysystems, leverages advanced technology to automate accounts payable processes and streamline the management of B2B payments across verticals and company departments.

CSI Travel applies our modern payments technology to the travel experience, bringing the most important elements of travel payments together on one platform and creating ingenious solutions to common travel booking concerns, including issues with faxed authorization forms, compliance policy adherence, and expense tracking.


What is a Virtual Credit Card?

A virtual credit card is a unique credit card number that is generated to settle a specific transaction. There is no plastic card involved. Instead, the number is generated electronically and faxed or emailed directly to your hotel along with payment instructions.

The virtual card number should be processed like any other card not present for the transaction via your point of sale terminal. These virtual credit cards have several controls, including maximum amount allowed, validity dates, MCC (Merchant Category Codes) and how many transactions can be processed per card.

Virtual cards are most commonly used to cover room and tax with all incidentals to be settled by the guest on a plastic card.