Ghost Cards

A Virtual Card That Lasts

The card that lets you pay suppliers securely for multiple or recurring transactions over a long period of time. An ideal solution for any company with recurring payments or advertising agencies that want to track expenses by digital campaign or client and also set spend limits.

How It Works

CSI’s ghost card lets you pay suppliers securely for multiple or recurring transactions over a long period of time. This is an ideal solution for ad agencies managing digital and social media campaign payments.

Set Limits

Ghost cards have transaction and cycle limits that can be set to control how many payments occur in a certain time period whether by day, week, or month as well as the maximum approved amount.

Assign Users

Multiple employees can use a ghost card to make approved purchases which are ultimately charged back to the department or category that the card was issued for.


With one card number assigned to a client or campaign, the number of invoices is reduced, and expense and reporting scenarios are simplified.

A Pratical Example

For one of our partners, a media agency that had high spend on Google and Facebook ad campaigns, it sometimes took months to receive and reconcile invoices. Traditional credit card payments were no help with each campaign appearing on the same bill, requiring them to go through each line item manually in order to identify each client and campaign.

Enter CSI’s ghost cards.

Once they switched to ghost cards they were able to set up separate cards for each client or campaign, which meant monthly reports were broken down by client and campaign taking reconciliation times from months to hours.


What To Expect

More Control

Set transaction limits by amount or cycle, set MCC restrictions, defined days and hours for usage, and establish authorized users.

Easy Reporting

All charges for a specific client or campaign are paid from a single account so you can reconcile expense data without breaking a sweat.

Rebate Revenue

Increase your revenue and receive unlimited cash back rewards for every ghost card transaction.


Create as many ghost cards as you need and adjust spending limits and authorized users in just minutes.

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