Foreign Exchange Payments

Leading the industry in B2B corporate payments. Through one platform, you can manage vendor payments across 18 countries and more than 140 currencies.

How it Works


Payments Requested

Customer payment file is uploaded to CSI Paysystems with the requested currency


Rates Locked

Corporate Spending Innovations locks in the best rate from Foreign Exchange (FX) providers and settles the foreign payment


Files Exchanged

FX provider sends settlement details back to the customer through CSI Paysystems


Payments Made

Customer funds payment to FX provider through CSI Paysystems

What to Expect

Efficient and Secure

Reduce time spent on manual processes and increase payment security.

Customer Support

Your dedicated Account Manager is ready to answer your questions.

No Integrations Necessary

No IT set up is required and you won’t experience a change or disruption to your existing workflow.


Cash rebates on qualifying global payments.

Corporate Travel

A beginning-to-end corporate travel solution. From booking payments to reconciliation, we have you covered.

Global Transactions made Simple

Transparent and competitive currency exchange rates let you see exactly how much you’re paying your suppliers. Manage domestic and international supplier payments in more than 140 currencies. All from one platform..

Foreign Exchange Payments

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