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CSI’s Executive Leadership Team has authored this collection of articles covering payments industry trends, technology and leadership.

12 Months Later – How We’ve Evolved and What We’ve Learned in the Year of a Pandemic

The past year has brought on many challenges from both a business and leadership perspective. What was initially thought to be a temporary situation quickly transformed into “the new normal.” As we pass the 1-year milestone of this global pandemic, I can’t help but reflect on how our organization has evolved and progressed throughout the […]

B2B Marketing: No Live Events, Now What?

For businesses across the world, live events, trade shows, and conferences have been a key element to meeting prospective buyers and demonstrating products. With the recent pandemic, in-person events have been shut down with much hesitation to resume any time soon. Marketing departments are strategizing on how to close the gap of declining leads expected […]

Ready to Head Back into the Office? – Tips for Making the Transition Safe and Seamless!

As circumstances surrounding the coronavirus pandemic begin to improve and stay-at-home orders get lifted, many organizations have started to consider moving their staff from remote work environments back into the office. With so much uncertainty still present and logistical challenges to consider, the decision to begin the shift is daunting to many. There are many […]

COVID-19 Message from our President

Dear Valued Customers, With the everchanging business environment, Corporate Spending Innovations is committed to our customers and employees as we continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation closely. We wanted to take a moment to summarize some of the things we are doing to keep the health and wellness of our employees, customers, and partners as […]

An Accounts Payable Puzzle – Finding the Missing Piece to Your Accounting System

Accounting Systems have become invaluable resources for tracking accounting data. But while all the essential information can be collected, analyzed, managed and stored, there’s still a huge piece of the puzzle that’s missing when it comes to the payment process. Unfortunately, these systems aren’t necessarily equipped to handle in-depth payables and payment operations that are often […]

Creating Happy Travelers – Corporate Travel Policies That Work

Most corporate travelers will tell you that their best experiences on the road have little to do with upgrades. Naturally, a first-class airline seat and a luxury hotel room are desirable features on any travel itinerary, but when you spend a significant portion of your work life between airports and hotel rooms, there are few […]

Company Culture and Corporate Social Responsibility: Building Stronger Connections with Employees and the Community

The importance of a strong company culture isn’t a new concept. It sets the tone for your organization as well as a standard for what’s expected from employees and managers. Creating a company culture that’s aligned with your organization’s overall mission and core values can also construct a well-lit path towards great service and a […]

Driving AP Automation in the Telecom Industry

The telecommunications industry is undergoing significant change as it moves toward the integration of information content, delivery, and entertainment. Along with the global race for broad 5G deployment, traditional carriers are experiencing the encroachment by technology behemoths such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Carriers are investing in new areas of innovation that will enable them […]

AP Automation for Hospitality Uncovers New Competitive Advantage

Superior customer service has long been an industry benchmark for success in the hospitality industry. Today, evolving technologies like AP automation for hospitality are allowing hotels of all sizes to provide a higher level of customer service by creating efficiencies throughout the organization, including often unseen departments like accounts payable. A high standard of performance […]

Five Myths About Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are not an incredibly new concept. We’ve seen the technology prosper over the last decade as more companies have invested in solutions, including accounts payable automation, that streamline manual processes and improve workflow. Despite their growing popularity, there are a number of misconceptions about virtual cards that may be preventing even greater adoption. […]

2018 Payment Trends

The advancement of technology is continuing to drive more secure and efficient B2B payments as we look at 2018 Payment Trends. Companies are already making big shifts from traditional paper checks and plastic credit card payment methods to more modern electronic options like virtual credit cards. Below are a few more of the specific trends […]

Five Keys to a Successful Company Culture

Company culture has a powerful impact on how employees feel about their job, their motivation to do well, and in-turn, the overall success of the company. But culture isn’t defined by free snacks, air hockey, PTO policies, or other tangible offerings. Culture comes from within and is created by what you do, what you say, […]

Top Three Reasons Media Agencies Love AP Automation

The biggest accounts payable (AP) pain points we’ve identified for media agencies revolve around manual processing. If you haven’t yet automated your AP process, you’re likely executing social media campaigns for clients, buying ads across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and YouTube with one plastic credit card, and when you’re not using the company credit card, you’re […]

Preventing Data Breaches Around Corporate Travel Payments

Recently, the travel booking website, Orbitz, discovered an alarming data breach that potentially exposed credit card information for thousands of their customers. The incident is just one in a long line of reported data breaches across industries and companies within the last year including OnePlus, Verizon, Yahoo, and Equifax. All of these events beg the […]

Six Reasons to Automate AP in Construction

During the recent ConstructConnect’s 2018 Design & Construction Outlook webinar, Kermit Baker, Chief Economist for the American Institute of Architects, and Ken Simonson, Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) discussed the outlook of the construction industry for 2018. According to Kermit, there was a steady increase in price of materials in 2017, and those prices are […]

Value as a Service

Value as a Service is the simple idea that measurable value delivered for customers will be the ultimate competitive battleground. Every customer will want to understand the exact value that they are being provided. They will want a quantifiable difference as they compare their options.” — Rob Bernshteyn The world is evolving, and the way businesses […]

Turning up the Volume on the Voice of the Traveler

When it comes to corporate travel, most managed travelers can agree that it’s not always about luxury options but instead personalized customer service, quality support and convenience, and ease of expense reporting. Creating happy travelers isn’t necessarily about spending more, but it’s certainly about understanding more. As a travel manager, if you want to avoid […]

Why APIs Are Important for Business and Banking

If you don’t already know what an API is and what it does, you’re not alone. Although the importance and prevalence of APIs in business, particularly banking, continues to increase, many executives and managers still find APIs to be somewhat of an enigma. In short, an API, or Application Programming Interface, allows one computer program […]

Why Your Business Needs Level 3 Payments Processing

Processing B2B payments can be expensive when you add up all the associated transaction fees, but there are ways to find a balance between saving money, being efficient, and ensuring the security of data. With Commercial Cards, such as Purchasing Cards (p-cards), there are three levels of data when processing credit card transactions: Level 1, […]

3 Ways to Improve the AP Process and Enroll Vendors

So what is the best approach to improving the accounts payable (AP) process? By our estimation it boils down to enabling vendor payments with virtual credit cards, negotiating terms that make paying and getting paid more lucrative, and streamlining the approval and reconciliation process. But how do you get vendor buy-in to AP automation? We’ve […]

How is Your Hotel Measuring Up?

In 2017, the challenges facing the hospitality industry may not necessarily be new but they are certainly pervasive. Fear of being left behind amid the ubiquitous Airbnb’s along with questions about how to continue making money in a market where supply continues to rise and prices are seemingly flat, weigh heavily on the industry. Many […]

Solving the Problem of Payments Fraud

According to the recent 2017 Payments Fraud & Control Survey, 75 percent of U.S. companies became the target of payments fraud in 2016 with 75 percent of that fraud taking place through paper checks. Wire transfers were the 2nd most frequently targeted payment method, and corporate credit cards accounted for the 3rd largest share of reported payments fraud. […]

Top 3 Benefits of Using a Fleet Fuel Card Program

Every fleet manager knows that fuel costs can overshadow other operating expenses and often without the ability to monitor for inappropriate spending or track expenditures for the sake of reporting. When basic credit or debit cards are used, it leaves the door wide open for fraud and overspending that goes unnoticed due to this lack […]

5 Tips for T&E Expense Management

Unauthorized employee spending, cumbersome statements to weed through, lost authorization forms, and stolen or misplaced corporate credit cards. These are just some of the headaches that travel managers encounter as they attempt to tackle corporate travel payments and the reconciliation of expenses. The good news is there are corporate travel payment solutions that allow you […]

B2B Payment Trends in 2017

Now more than ever, with the advent of new payment technologies evolving every day, B2B payment trends in 2017 are swiftly shifting towards secure electronic payment solutions. While many payment tools offer increased convenience, they are not always secure or timely. Accounts payable fraud is also a valid and real concern in the current market. […]

Fintegration: Understanding the Benefits of FinTech and Banking

If we take a look at how consumer behaviors are evolving and consider the extent to which technology continues to advance around us, we see a revolution in bill payment that has redefined the way people bank. This shift has inevitably influenced corporate banking as well, pushing businesses in the direction of more modern accounts […]

Bringing Suppliers and Buyers to the Table: Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic discounting is a relatively new option in the market offering a chance for suppliers to offer and they pay early. Have you ever wondered how it works, why a supplier would want to offer a discount for early payment, and how it could improve your total AP? Let’s take a look!   Dynamic Discounting: […]

Four Reasons Financial Executives Hold on to Paper Checks

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true – 50% of businesses are still writing paper checks. That is a shocking figure when you consider that hardly anyone actually has a personal checkbook anymore. Why do companies still have them then? As accountants and finance professionals, change isn’t something we’re quick to jump on…especially when it’s […]

New Technology to Make Managing Global Payments Easier

There are few geographic boundaries in business today, especially for large corporations. However, paying overseas vendors, business partners, and employees can be complicated, especially with companies often using more than one payment method. There is now a demand for solutions that pull all of a business’s finances into one, easy-to-maneuver dashboard. The financial technologh (fintech) […]

5 Top Tips for Managing Fleets for Your Growing Service Business

If your business requires employees to be on the go throughout the day, you may be one of the many organizations that relies on fleet vehicles as part of daily operations. Whether you purchase or lease these vehicles, it’s important to set up the right policies to protect your business against liability, as well as […]

How a Risk Team Can Reduce Accounting Risks in Your Business

Your business’s money is its most important asset. Without funds, you can’t pay workers or fund manufacturing. Most successful businesses invest in accounting support, whether through software, personnel, or a combination of both. Even the best processes can fall victim to errors, however, putting a business’s cash flow at risk. But there are a few […]

6 Tips for Using Interns and Apprentices in Your Service-Based Business

Internships and apprenticeships are a win for everyone involved. Students get course credit for the time they spend getting real-world experience that they can add to their post-graduation resumes. Employers have access to young, eager minds who will possibly even bring a new perspective on the business model they’ve worked hard to build. Colleges can […]

Deposits and Your B2B Business: Should You Require Partial Payment Up Front?

You spend months working on a big project for a client. You make the requested changes without delay and answer every question, even when it comes after hours. Yet after sending your invoice, months go by without payment and soon you realize you’ll have to get help if you ever want to be paid for […]

Are Escrow Solutions Right for Your Small Business?

When service providers start a new working relationship with a client, guaranteeing payment can be difficult. On the other end is the client, who hesitates to pay up front, since there’s no way to ensure the agreed-upon service will be delivered. Even if it is, the client may not be satisfied with the service and […]

4 Services You Can Outsource to Crowdsourced Workers

Businesses always look for ways to keep costs low while still getting the word out and attracting new customers. For small businesses, this often means operating on a shoestring budget while doing everything yourself. For larger business, it means putting off hiring someone new until it becomes absolutely necessary. In the meantime, existing employees struggle […]

How ERP Solutions Are Essential to Business Success

Automation is at the heart of every successful business, helping employees work more efficiently without hiring additional staff. However, small businesses and startups often get started without some of the most useful solutions, putting it off until a day when they have more customers and larger teams. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are often at […]

7 Benefits of Setting Spending Limits on Your Company Accounts

As businesses grow, they often have multiple employees acting on the company’s behalf, whether they’re salespeople on the road or members of the leadership team. Many businesses find it’s far more employee friendly to issue corporate credit or debit cards to workers rather than have them pay for expenses on their own and ask for […]

4 Scams That Can Impact Your Small Business

Scammers rarely rest, constantly looking for new ways to make a buck or two. Now that many consumers have done away with landlines in favor of cell phones, scammers have found businesses make the perfect target. Not only must they publish their phone numbers online, but when calls come in, they often have to answer […]

Reasons to Integrate Your ERP and CRM Solutions

Reasons to Integrate Your ERP and CRM Solutions Today’s businesses usually operate using a suite of software solutions, with each application automating a different section of their organizational functions. Initially, companies focus primarily on automating various duties, which can result in separate software applications that don’t communicate with the others. As time goes on, businesses […]

6 Ways Suppliers Can Keep Their Clients

Suppliers work hard to land clients, hoping to serve the same organizations for many years. Yet business loyalty is fairly low. A recent Gallup poll revealed that 71 percent of organizations are not only willing but also ready to switch suppliers. If you’re a vendor that provides products or services to businesses, this statistic is […]

Safety in a Mobile Payment Era: 4 Things You Should Know Before Using B2B Payments

Safety in a Mobile Payment Era: 4 Things You Should Know Before Using B2B Payments Businesses are gradually moving away from paper checks toward more electronic forms of payment. While many use services like Automated Clearinghouse (ACH), that payment type comes with its own unique challenges, especially for B2B payments. When businesses look for an […]

Accounts Payable Teams Face New Challenges in a Data-Driven Workplace

The data revolution is gradually changing the way businesses do everything. With the ability to capture information on everything they do, leaders have begun to ask to see numbers before making major decisions. One area that has been hit hard by the growing popularity of data analytics is accounts payable. For busy accounting teams, data […]

5 Tips to Encourage Suppliers to Ditch Paper Checks

Electronic payments can speed things up, eliminating the slowdowns that come with printing and mailing paper-based checks. For a business with suppliers, though, convincing each of those vendors to change the payment types they accept can be challenging. They have their own business processes and see no reason to change them, especially when electronic payments […]

How to Prove the ROI in Automating Your Accounts Payable Processes

Businesses often hear about the cost and time savings that can come from automating accounts payable. Instead of spending hours processing invoices and reconciling accounts, software can handle everything for them. With advanced reporting features and built-in payment tools, accounts payable software can not only save a business time, but it can also reduce costly […]

4 Payment Trends Impacting B2B Payments in 2016

The way businesses pay each other has evolved in recent years. Instead of mailing a check once services are rendered, businesses pay their vendors electronically, transferring money much more quickly than through traditional methods. However, the process of paying providers continues to evolve for businesses, giving them more options than ever. Here are a few […]

Is Your Invoicing Process Safe from Security Breaches? 4 Ways to Safeguard Your Solutions

Security is an important issue to your business, and what could be more important than your financial processes? Your billing and accounting systems probably contain sensitive information. If that information falls into the wrong hands, your business’s entire reputation could be at stake. If your business is one of the many now relying on cloud […]

5 Ways to Cut Transaction Fees While Still Getting Paid

Getting paid is the most important part of doing business. Whether you run a small local boutique, a service-based B2B agency, or an online ecommerce site, you’ll need to set up a way for customers to pay conveniently. Often this is done through credit card payments, although increasingly businesses and consumers are relying heavily on […]

Still Paying by Paper Check? 7 Reasons You Should Automate

The death of the paper check has been predicted for years, with studies clearly documenting the gradual decline of its use. However, while customers may be relying more on credit, debit, and automatic draft for their debts, many businesses still cling to paper checks to pay employees and vendors. If your business is one of […]

How Deposits Can Protect Your Business Against Non-Payers

You’ve put months of hard work into a big project with only a promise that you’ll be paid. The client signed a contract stating exactly how much and when payment would be forthcoming, but there’s no guarantee it will be fully honored. You can offset some of your risk by requiring payments when certain milestones […]

5 Tips for Dealing with Late Payments Without Offending Your Clients

Sometimes a late-paying client is someone you never want to hear from again. After all, you could put the time you waste chasing the money you’re owed toward work for paying clients. However, even the best clients can sometimes miss a payment, whether due to an oversight or financial troubles. When that happens, you probably […]

Hitting the Road? 6 EMV-Compliant Readers That Work with Your Mobile Devices

A major change happened in credit card processing late last year. Instead of swiping a magnetic strip through card readers, shoppers in businesses across America now “dip” their cards. New card readers are designed to get the information they need off of a chip embedded in a credit card, rather than a magnetic strip on […]

Invoice Mistakes That Could Be Slowing Down Your Payments

Late payments disrupt a business’s cash flow, threatening its ability to pay employees and meet its own debts. Forcing a client to pay on time can be difficult, especially if that client has financial troubles of its own. You can phase out chronic late payers and enforce late fees, but you’ll still deal with reliable […]

Mobile Payments and ATMs: What Businesses Should Know

Smartphones have been seen as a cash killer. Between person-to-person payments and mobile pay at the register, consumers may eventually have no need to carry cash around. However, even with all of these advancements, there will still be at least an occasional need for cash. In fact, some experts believe we’llnever be completely cashless. As […]

Walmart and Starbucks Hope to Show How Store-Specific Payment Apps Can Increase Customer Loyalty

If you’ve bought a coffee at Starbucks recently, you’ve likely noticed multiple customers paying using their smartphones. The company’s app has been recognized as a success, serving as an example for businesses considering their own apps. One of those businesses watching Starbucks’ mobile payment success is Walmart. The company recently announced the launch of its […]

Can You Trust Your Employees? Preventing Employee Payment Theft

At one time, employee theft was fairly straightforward. Cash could easily be intercepted, whether it was being exchanged through a cash register or in a back office. As consumers exchanged cash for credit cards, however, theft became more complex, requiring employees to know how to commit fraud to steal money from their businesses. On any […]

5 Technologies Changing Restaurants Across the Globe

Using smartphone apps, consumers can have groceries and restaurant food delivered directly to their homes and offices. However, the in-restaurant experience has changed very little in recent years, with diners still finding they must either wait in line or sit at a table and have servers take their orders. The entire process can be subject […]

How Millennials Are Changing the B2B Payment Landscape

Millennials are showing up in workplaces across the country, working in large corporations and small businesses. In some cases, they’re even running their own startups and working as independent contractors. Business leaders have been advised on the best ways to get the most out of this generation of workers, taking advantage of their many strengths […]

Tips for Dealing with B2B Payments to Your Overseas Customers

The Internet has erased geographic boundaries, allowing businesses to operate across city, state, and even country borders. B2B-based service providers and product suppliers are no longer limited to local clients. They can do business with customers on the other side of the world, with meetings held by phone or video chat and daily communication handled […]

Text Message Payments: The Wave of the Future?

In a cashless society, customers are still challenged to move money to their friends and family members. Whether friends are splitting the cost of a pizza or borrowing money from each other, there’s a growing need to get money from one bank account to another without using a credit card or personal check. Services like […]

4 Ways to Add Recurring Billing to Your Business Model

At every stage of development, cash flow is essential to a company’s growth. When businesses aren’t sure how much money will come in each month, they tend to be more focused on surviving than growing. Sales are always unpredictable, though, keeping businesses from ever achieving reliable cash flow. Recurring billing is a great way to […]