Entrepreneur: 8 Companies Making Payment Handling Easy

Entrepreneur – Today’s businesses realize that paper checks are the least efficient way to pay suppliers and service providers. Whether they’re setting up payment processing for the first time, or they’re considering migrating from an existing payment platform, electronic payments are always the best option. Unfortunately, the most popular solutions often come with hefty fees, cutting into a business’s profitability.

Fortunately, each year seems to bring a new suite of startups geared toward making things easier for business owners. Here are eight companies that are making payments easier for businesses.

1. CSI GlobalVCard.
Businesses want control over their spending, but some vendors sneak in extra fees or recurring payments. CSI GlobalVCard’s virtual card payments issue a temporary number, good solely for the amount stipulated by the purchaser. Aside from the limit, the virtual card operates like any other credit card-based online purchase, allowing businesses to maintain a limit and earn points as they would with other cards.

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