Corporate Purchasing Cards

Sometimes you just need a good old-fashioned credit card to pay for a company dinner and handle unexpected business expenses.

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Payments built for the future

When virtual cards and ghost cards aren’t an ideal payment form, CSI Paysystems offers corporate purchasing cards .

P-Cards will give you flexibility and real-time control over employee spending with the security and enhanced reporting you’d expect from a modern payment solution.

Virtual credit cards

How It Works

One Card Number

Much like virtual cards, corporate purchasing cards can be created with unique card numbers assigned to a specific employee and tied to a business unit, division, or location for enhanced reporting and expense management.

P-Cards can also remain in blocked status until authorized purchases are requested to avoid rogue spending.

Powerful Card Controls

Customizable controls allow you to limit how much, where, and when each employee’s card can be used. Weekend purchases can be restricted and transactions can even be locked down to approved merchant category codes (MCCs).

With 24/7 visibility of card activity, you can enjoy peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your risk of fraud is significantly reduced.

Cash Back Rewards

Like all payment solutions offered through CSI Paysystems, our corporate purchasing cards are available at no cost.

For qualifying purchases, you can potentially receive cash back rewards in the form of rebates.

It’s a simple way to increase revenue just by paying for corporate expenses.

Functional Features


  • Global acceptance
  • Assignable to employee, division, or location
  • Potential for cash back rewards on qualifying purchases


  • Issue new cards as needed
  • Real-time spending controls
  • 24/7 visibility into employee spending


  • Adjust limits, block or unblock cards instantly
  • Produce detailed spending reports
  • Analyze employee and company spending patterns

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