Accounts Payable Automation for Construction

Build an AP process that generates new revenue with full control and visibility over spending

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Plan for Profitability on Every Project

CSI’s cloud-based payments platform gives your business full visibility and control of the accounts payable process right from the start. Our AP automation software is tailored to the construction industry and offers a unique opportunity to analyze contractor expenses, build more accurate project estimates, and monitor spending in real-time against sub-contractor invoices. Finally, accounting software that’s built for construction management, so you can eliminate manual processes all while generating rebate revenue, staying on budget, and improving profitability estimates.

Increase Cash Flow with Each Payment

With one easy file upload to CSI Paysystems, you can instantly gain the power to review, approve, and decision payments from anywhere in the world, even from your smart phone. Our construction AP software lets you send check, ACH, and virtual card payments quickly and securely just by clicking a button. The best part is that with every payment decision you execute, you earn a cash rebate on spend volume that increases the revenue-generating potential of your AP department.

Overcome Hurdles Before They Happen

Turn your AP team into proactive problem solvers by providing analytical tools that help anticipate issues before they occur. Detailed reporting capabilities identify potential conflicts in the building process like duplicate invoices and payments, while real-time controls let you track expense changes 24/7 and ensure your project costs stay in-check.

Reduce Internal and External Fraud

Construction companies made up almost four percent of occupational fraud cases in 2016. AP automation prevents both internal and external fraud by intuitively detecting payment patterns, establishing concrete approval processes, identifying invoice discrepancies, and flagging vendor errors.


Step Up to Enterprise-Ready Payments

Our solutions allow you to create an efficient payments process across every level and department of your organization. Give contractors out in the field a fleet-fuel card that offers discounts at the pump while still maintaining full control of spending. You can also simplify business travel with secure virtual card payments for air and car rentals with CSI Travel, as well as corporate purchasing cards for expenses that require plastic. All of our solutions are tailored to your business for the most secure payments and streamlined reconciliations.

Benefits at a Glance

Gain full visibility and control of contractor expenses. Review and approve spending 24/7 from anywhere.

Reduce internal and external opportunity for fraud. Build more accurate project estimates and budgets.

Increase cash flow with rebates earned on spend volume. Identify vendor errors and eliminate duplicate payments.


Easy Integration

We pride ourselves on the development of forward-thinking technology that can easily integrate with any accounting and ERP system including Jonas software. There is also no cost or need for additional IT resources. We can have you sending payment batches in as little as two weeks with just a few short phone calls.


Vendor Enrollment

Our reputation in the industry has allowed us to establish solid vendor relationships and an above-average success rate for acceptance of electronic payments. Our AP-certified experts will perform white-glove outreach to your vendor list, providing education on the benefits of electronic payments and the simplicity of enrollment.

  • "CSI Paysystems is very easy and the rebate is wonderful. Who wouldn’t want to save money and make money at the same time?"

    Ginny Lawless Office Manager, Adams & Fogg Oil Equipment Co.