Check Payments

We understand that old habits can sometimes be hard to break. When your suppliers ask for check payments, you can still rely on CSI Paysystems to automate your payments and relieve your team from the burden of manual processing.

check payments

Save time

AP teams spend too much time running payments and not enough time on larger strategic initiatives.

We can help. We’ll automate the payment process by printing, signing, stuffing, and sending your check payments.

touchless accounts payable

How it Works



Send us a file with your suppliers. We’ll identify those that want to receive check payments and separate them from those accepting digital payments. From there, we’ll submit a payables batch for check processing.



After receiving a seamless electronic approval from you, we’ll print your checks on customized paper stock with your logo, banking, and routing information.



Printed checks are mailed by the next business day via First Class, one-ounce, presorted postage. PDF imaging and standard reporting are included.

What to Expect


We’ll have your approved checks in the mail to suppliers by the next business day


Realize substantial savings over in-house manual processing or other out-sourcing options


Merchants may need some time to warm up to virtual payments. Using our solution for traditional check runs keeps the door open for merchants to convert from checks to virtual cards.

Palace Casino Resort George Conwill, CFO

Fifteen senior financial executives offer advice for businesses reluctant to make the change to virtual payments.

Watch as they share their experiences moving from checks to CSI Paysystems.

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Check Payments

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