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National manufacturing company saves nearly $500,000 with CSI's global-fleet.



Trulite’s company-owned fleet of 260+ semi-tractor trailers is relied upon daily for the national delivery of its manufactured goods. Previously, all fleet drivers (employees) carried their own fleet fuel cards, which made it difficult for the company to reconcile expenses or take advantage of negotiated discounts.

It became nearly impossible to track the volume of diesel fuel purchasing and to verify that discounts were being received.

As the Director of Transportation, Colleen Beattie, began recognizing that the reported fuel spend didn’t align with the expected discounts, she recognized immediately that money was being left on the table. She took action to not only resolve this problem, but also to make the company’s fleet fuel program more efficient and cost effective.

“Previously, all fleet drivers (employees) carried their own fleet fuel cards, which made it difficult for the company to reconcile expenses”

- Colleen Beattie, Director of Transportation


The first step was to find the right service provider. After careful research, the transportation manager selected Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) and their global-fleet program. CSI understood the unique challenges of the large corporate fleet and could devise an ideal fuel program.

In less than a year, Trulite’s results prove that a successful fleet fuel program has the potential to deliver far more than fuel discounts.

“global-fleet not only provided Trulite with a great deal of cost savings in 2013, but also provided the much needed one source visibility. We are huge fans!”

- Colleen Beattie, Director of Transportation


  • Created a consistent fleet fuel card program for the 260+ vehicles.
  • Actively negotiated retail minus discounts by working with global-fleet and national truck stop companies.
  • Controlled fleet fuel spending through real-time purchasing controls and reporting.
  • Implemented security features and spending parameters at the pump, restricting usage and tracking use of the program through PIN and odometer prompting.
  • Leveraged the power of global-fleet’s fuel consortium and national discount network to accumulate over $58,000 in additional annual rebates.
  • Performed fuel transaction studies through the online analytic tools. This enabled the manager to visually map locations across the country that offered fuel savings and discounts, and ensure that her drivers were using them to capture greater discounts.
  • Adopted CSI’s additional ghost card product for driver toll payments. With the ghost card, all nationwide tolls are paid via the single credit card number for ease of management, reconciliation and assurance of complete control over authorized payments.
  • Total annual savings for the year: $450,000.

Total annual savings for the year: $450,000

Accumulated over $58,000 in additional annual rebates

Fleet fuel card program for 260+ vehicles

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