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CSI Travel provides a solution to software company to bring efficiency, save time and monitor employee travel spend.



Government Brands is a privately owned SAAS software and online solution. Supporting thousands of government customers in 50 states, Government Brands offers solutions for all sizes of governments – municipalities, counties, states, and Federal agencies.

Government Brands employees booked their trips on various websites and platforms without the need for administrative approval. They were filing expense reports that would take their AP department days to review and approve. Travelers were expensing payments such as air, car, hotel, and meals.


To monitor employee spending, Government Brands searched for a more efficient solution. David Winters, the CFO of Government Brands, worked with Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) at a previous company and thought it would be a great solution.

During the introductory process of the CSI Travel program, Government Brands was introduced to AmTrav, a Travel Management Company (TMC) and partner of CSI’s. The seamless integration between CSI and AmTrav allows Government Brands travelers to book their trips within a platform that provides a consolidated location for all travel information and consistent hotel rates for the company. Once a hotel reservation is booked, the integration between CSI and AmTrav automatically generates a virtual card which is sent to the hotel and made accessible through the CSI user interface, CSI PaySystems and the CSI Go mobile app.

“I was very impressed with the expertise of the employees at CSI and how well they were able to explain everything to us during the implementation process.”

– Doris Sotomayor, CPA, Accounting Manager

Government Brands also utilizes the CSI active monitoring process, where a CSI employee contacts the hotel front desk directly to confirm the correct card has been applied to the reservation the day before the traveler is set to check in. This eliminates any stress or concern for Government Brands travelers upon arrival.

“Considering how fast we moved, the implementation process went very well, and all employees were able to use the cards once we went live. We save time on data entry and have more data available than we ever had before on employee expensing between CSI and AmTrav.”

– Doris Sotomayor, CPA, Accounting Manager


Government Brands utilizes CSI Travel virtual cards for hotel, ghost cards for airfare, and purchasing cards for one-off payments, which saves time on data entry and improves cost management. They also utilize CSI within their accounts payable process to automate payments, reduce manual processes, increase efficiency and drive new revenue streams.

“Having a dashboard where I can see the number of payments, travel expenses and rebates in one place is helpful and I’m excited about where the technology is going.”

– David Winters, CFO

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