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Gator Garb Promotions improves B2B payment process with virtual cards and becomes area's number one choice for branded products.



Gator Garb Promotions provides custom-branded apparel and promotional products for businesses, schools, and organizations that can be creatively designed to increase business and brand recognition. Located in Altoona, Wisconsin, the company was built on the intent of being unique and a leader in the market by offering cuttingedge design options to their clients, while delivering a superb customer experience.

While Gator Garb was making enhancements to their production process and pricing structures in order to stay highly competitive in the ever-changing promotions industry, other aspects of their business — specifically accounts payable (AP) payments — was in need of an innovative and automated solution.

Historically, everything from an AP standpoint was processed using paper checks. This manual process was costly to the business and very time-consuming, preventing the team from completing more value-added activities. Although there had been an interest in migrating to virtual cards for some time, they needed to find a partner with their same values.

“I really wanted to start paying our vendors via virtual cards. I always preferred to receive card payments from our own customers as opposed to paper checks, so why wouldn’t our vendors?”

– Sara Hurtgen, Accountant


Gator Garb was introduced to Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) through one of their customers, who currently uses CSI’s payment solution. After the first conversation, the decision to come onboard was almost immediate.

“The thought of working with a new payments company was a bit intimidating at first. However, any initial hesitations vanished after the very first phone call with CSI. Everyone I worked with throughout the entire process was extremely helpful and accommodating.”

– Sara Hurtgen, Accountant


Gator Garb is now using CSI Paysystems to make vendor payments with virtual cards, ghost cards, and Automated Clearing House (ACH). The integration was easy and seamless, and the time investment required to make the transition was minimal.

Hurtgen added, “It has been nice to offer another payment method for our vendors. And the rebates we earn on paying with virtual and ghost cards is an added bonus. CSI has just been a pleasure to work with. I would tell anyone that is thinking about switching to virtual card to work with CSI, you won’t be disappointed!”

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