Calusa Pines Golf Club

Prestigious golf club converts 60% of supplier payments from check to virtual card to save time, reduce fraud, and earn net new income.



Calusa Pines Golf Club, located in Naples, Florida, is one of the most prestigious private clubs in the United States. Since 2001, they’ve set out to provide an exceptional golf experience to its members in a relaxed atmosphere that promotes camaraderie among those who truly love the game.

Prior to partnering with Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI), Calusa Pines paid all of their supplier invoices via paper check. The manual process of cutting, signing, and mailing checks was becoming far too time consuming for their accounting
department, leaving little opportunity for them to be productive in other areas of the business. In addition, checks were often lost or damaged in the mail so cutting replacement checks was becoming an ongoing issue. They were in need of an automated payment solution that was more efficient and secure.



Calusa Pines was introduced to CSI through collogues and peers who were already using CSI Paysystems to automate their accounts payable.

“After an on-site demonstration of the platform, we saw how easy it would be to manage our payments electronically. It was a no brainer to sign up, it just sounded too good to be true!”

- Nancy Martin, Club Administrator at Calusa Pines

The integration with their existing accounting software, Northstar, was quick and seamless and the payments platform was intuitive and easy to learn. The CSI team assisted in the first few payments runs until Nancy and her team felt comfortable making payments on their own.

CSI regularly reaches out to Calusa Pines’ suppliers on their behalf in order to maximize their monthly rebate potential on virtual cards. Since joining the CSI program, Calusa Pines has significantly reduced the number of in-house checks that are cut every month and they’ve dramatically streamlined and simplified their payments process. This has resulted in a significant time savings for their accounting team. In addition, they have reduced the risk of potential fraud. Since the virtual card payments are trackable within the CSI User Interface, they have real-time visibility of when cards get processed and to whom they are getting assigned.



Currently, Calusa Pines Golf Club pays approximately 60% of their invoices using virtual credit cards. Since coming onboard with CSI in January 2020, they have earned $20K in added revenue from the rebate earned on virtual card transactions.

“To this day, I smile every time I process a batch of payments with CSI. I know those payments will be delivered and executed timely with the supplier.”

- Nancy Martin, Club Administrator at Calusa Pines

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