B2B Payments Network

A Proprietary Network for Secure Electronic Payments

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Payment Options

When you’re looking for automated payments, but your supplier will not accept card, the B2B Payments Network is the right solution.

Similar to ACH, the proprietary network transfers funds directly into the supplier’s bank account, but comes with invoice-level transaction details and the opportunity to earn rebate on every bill paid.

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How it Works

A fast and simple process that takes 4-6 banking days



Payment is initiated by the customer.



The supplier receives the remittance advice with full invoice-level details in order to facilitate instant reconciliation.



Funds are settled in the supplier’s bank account.

What to Expect

Faster Payments

CSI’s B2B Payments Network empowers your business to automatically deliver fast payments that are 100% guaranteed.


Funds are deposited directly into the supplier’s bank account, with no risk of lost or stolen checks, or errors from manual processing


Full transaction details are attached to every payment, making accounting and reconciliation easier for both buyers and suppliers.

New Income

Increase revenue by paying your bills. Earn income on every payment made through our proprietary network.

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Supplier Portal

Increase sales and be found by card-paying businesses. Nearly 10,000 clients across every industry use our supplier portal to find merchants that accept our payment methods.

Available Cash Flow

Payments are deposited directly into the supplier’s account, decreasing delivery time and increasing cash flow.


Streamline accounts receivable departments with a customized payment file that consolidates data across multiple buyers.

Transaction Costs

The cost to suppliers is less than the transaction fee that they would be charged for a traditional credit card transaction.

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