ACTE – Virtual Card Strategy: Your Questions Answered

Moderating the panel on ACTE TV was a new and very interesting experience for me. I was pleasantly surprised by the high level of audience participation through live surveys and numerous questions throughout the webinar. We started getting questions immediately after the first round of comments from the panel all the way to the closing remarks. It felt like a live cable TV show!

The key point I took away from this session was that there is a strong need for additional education and discussions surrounding implementing virtual cards and best practices for gaining acceptance. There is great interest in virtual payments, but just like all emerging technologies, there is a period of hesitation and opportunity for early adopters. Some hotels are still hesitant about acceptance and travelers may experience friction, so we need to work together to educate and be change agents. We are clearly moving in the direction of large-scale adoption and in a couple of years, virtual cards will be as common as plastic.

This panel session was a very positive experience – the other panelists were exceptionally knowledgeable and had great experiences to share about implementing programs in their own organizations. Preparing with Teri, Ryan and Adam was a joy and I look forward to future discussions!

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