Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) Payments

Multiple Channels on One Platform

Sometimes vendors prefer ACH payments. Maybe they aren’t set up to receive credit card or virtual card payments or perhaps they don’t want to pay any extra fees – even if it does mean they’ll receive payments faster. We understand that everyone is entitled to a preferred payment method, that’s why we offer a total AP solution that meets all your business needs, and those of your vendors.

How It Works

ACH is an alternative payment solution to virtual credit cards, similar to CSI’s private network where payment funds are pushed directly into the vendor’s bank account. It’s another option for automating AP that delivers funds faster than a paper check, usually within one business week and with zero vendor fees.

Safe and Simple

  • 1. CSI creates a payment file and delivers it to the vendor’s bank.
  • 2. The bank then submits the file(s) into the ACH network for processing and delivery to the vendor’s bank account.
  • 3. The vendor receives payment in their bank account and an electronic remittance advice, if desired.

What To Expect


Keep all of your payments and remittance detail on one platform for easy reference and simplified reconciliation.


Establish control at multiple levels by leveraging a platform that can match your workflow and ensure payments never go out without the appropriate approvals. Full visibility into workflows also supports an approval process that never experiences delays.


Eliminate manual processes and data entry that can cause costly human errors.


Ensure 24/7 payment status visibility; spot duplicate invoices, and avoid late fees.

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